Financial Settlement

Financial settlement is the final step of registration.

There are two steps: confirm attendance and pay semester bill.

Winter 2017 Quarter Important Dates

October 20
  • Bills available online.
  • Confirm attendance online even if you have a zero balance.
  • In BearWeb choose: >Student Financial Services >Student Account
  • Confirm Your Attendance
October 27
  • Payment Due Date - make payment online
  • If payment in full is not possible, please contact the Cashier's Office at regarding a 3-payment installment plan. 
November 1
  • If you are financially settled, your financial aid is applied, and you are set up for direct deposit funds should arrive in your designated bank account. If you are not setup for direct deposit, you are able to request a refund check and/or limited cash.
November 6
  • Classes Begin
November 8
  • Cancellation for non-payment at 5 p.m. CDT
  • To re-register, payment on account or first installment is required plus $50 late fee and a $100 re-registration fee.

Please notify the Cashier's Office of any optional fees that need to be added for the Summer Quarter.

  • Student Life Center Usage Fee $221.00
  • Athletic Events Attendance Fee $153.00
  • Meal Plan