Financial Settlement

Your Charges & Financial Settlement

Once you are registered for a term, you will receive an email from Student Financial Accounts containing instructions for viewing your charges and completing Financial Settlement. Financial Settlement is the final phase of registration each term you attend Baylor.

Once your charges are available for the term, you must complete the following two steps:

  • Confirm your attendance in BearWeb
    • Student Financial Services > Student Account > Confirm Attendance
    • If you do not owe a balance, you must still confirm your attendance.
  • Pay your charges
    • View your charges in the E-Bill System and either pay in full or enroll in a Payment Plan
Important Fall Dates
  • August 2 - Charges and anticipated aid ready to be viewed in the E-Bill System.
  • August 16 - Due Date*
  • August 16 -  Refund processing begins if set up for direct deposit, financially settled, and financial aid applied. 
  • August 23 - Classes Begin

*When currently enrolled students early register for an upcoming term, they are then billed approximately two weeks prior to the due date. Students registering after a certain point are on a rolling “register—bill—due” cycle. This means the due date will be determined by the date of registration.