Billing & Payment

Financial Settlement is the final phase of registration each term you attend Baylor.  

Once your bill is available for the term, you must complete the following two steps:

  • Confirm your attendance in BearWeb
    • Student Financial Services > Student Account > Confirm Attendance
    • If you do not owe a balance, you must still confirm your attendance.
  • Pay your charges
    • View your bill in the E-Bill System and either pay in full or enroll in a Payment Plan
Payment Methods
  • E-Bill System - Pay by electronic check from a checking or savings account (no fee). You may also pay using a major credit card (a 2.85% convenience fee will be charged by a third-party processor) through the E-Bill System.
  • Credit Card - Pay by major credit card (online only). There is a $3.00 minimum and a 2.85% convenience fee will be charged by a third-party processor. Click “Don’t know pin?” and enter student ID number, date of birth, and last name.
  • Wire Transfer & International Payments - Western Union International payments are accepted using the E-Bill SystemIf you would like to make a payment to a student account via wire transfer, select Bank Wire as your payment method. You may also use Flywire.
  • Mail / 529 Payments / In-Person - If you are mailing a personal or 529 payment or an outside scholarship check, please use the Student Accounts Office mailing address. Payments cannot be accepted by phone. If interested in sending a 529 payment as an ACH/wire payment, you can request this information at
Student Financial Aid

Students must file the FAFSA beginning October 1 each year to receive consideration for federal and institutional financial aid. Students who file their financial aid applications late should be prepared to pay the first installment payment (including a $60 non-refundable installment plan fee) to complete financial settlement.

In addition to the FAFSA, students must file the CSS Profile beginning October 1 to receive consideration for institutional need-based aid. 

Please monitor BearWeb and your Baylor email for important notifications about outstanding aid requirements that must be completed. All financial aid must appear as a "Credit" or "Anticipated Financial Aid" on a student's account in order for it to count towards their financial settlement.

Recipients of scholarships from religious institutions, foundations, corporations, individuals, or other organizations outside the University should arrange with their donors to have checks sent to the Student Accounts office.

If you need financial aid assistance, please contact the Student Financial Aid Office.

Miscellaneous Expenses Incurred after Financial Settlement

A monthly notification will be sent to both the student's Baylor email and to all valid Authorized Users' emails regarding miscellaneous expenses (i.e. Health Center charges, library fines, traffic fines, etc.) incurred throughout the semester. Payment in full is expected upon receipt.

For more information about payment policies, please contact the Student Accounts office.