Meal Plan Information & Cost

Meal Plans

Baylor University offers a wide variety of meal plan options for students. Baylor's meal plans give students flexibility and convenience with an array of locations and hours to suit their needs. Information about the days that dining halls are open is available on the Dining Services website.

Meal plans Spring 2021
Type of Meal Plan Spring 2021 Semester
The Everyday All Access + $150 Dining Dollars* $2,912.54
The Weekday All Access + $200 Dining Dollars* $2,555.52
Block 170 + $300 Dining Dollars $1,954.06
Block 100 + $125 Dining Dollars $1,128.48
Block 65 + $225 Dining Dollars $850.69

* Represents meal plans required to be purchased by mandatory residential students (all Freshmen and all residents of Brooks and Teal Residential Colleges). You will automatically be placed on All Access 5 Days per Week meal plan if no meal plan is selected. Your fall selection will carry forward to the spring semester unless you request a change.

Who is a freshman?

For meal plan purposes, "Freshmen" are high school graduates who have not attended higher education for either a fall or spring semester after their high school graduation. This classification covers the first academic year the student is enrolled at Baylor.

Students who complete college hours during high school, and/or attend another university during the summer, and matriculate at Baylor in the fall are deemed "Freshmen" for the fall and spring semesters. Students graduating from high school in December and matriculating at Baylor in the spring are considered "Freshmen" for only the spring semester.

Brooks and Teal residents selecting the All Access 5 Days per Week meal plan will have access Sunday dinner through Friday lunch.

Voluntary Residents and Commuters can choose from any of the meal plans above.

All weekly meal plans (All Access 7 Days per Week and all Block Plans) are Saturday breakfast through Friday dinner.

All meal plans include 5 guest passes per semester. Prices include 8.25% sales tax.

Adding, Changing, or Dropping

Pricing and Processing

You can request a meal plan change in BearWeb. Meal Plan prices are valid through the first day of class.

  • Reductions & Meal Plan Drops: Reductions or Meal Plan drops may only be made through the second week of classes. During the first two weeks of classes, any refunds or changes are calculated on a prorated daily rate and will be applied to any outstanding balance on your student account. After the second week of classes, you may only request a Meal Plan to be added or increased. 
  • Meal Plan Additions or Increases: Meal Plans may be added or increased at any time during the semester. 

Block Meal Plans

Block Meal Plans are charged on a per semester basis, regardless of the date the plan is added. Adding a Block Meal Plan during the semester will be charged at the price per semester and will not be prorated. If the plan is dropped during the first two weeks of classes, the prorated credits or any refunded amount will be calculated using the daily rate associated with the plan. Credits will not be refunded based on the number of meals used.