Summer Tuition & Fees

Baylor Summer of Discovery & Summer Accelerate Program

Baylor's Summer of Discovery is making it easy for incoming Baylor students to get a jump start on classes from home during summer with a collection of discounted online courses.

Courses taken at Baylor in the Summer are discounted from regular tuition.** As a part of the Summer of Discovery program, students receive greater discounts as the number of classes taken increases.

Incoming Freshmen 

Summer I and/or Summer II Only

Tuition (Per Credit Hour)  
      1-6 Hours $1,432 per semester hour
      7-9 Hours $1,000 per semester hour
      10 or more Hours $750 per semester hour
Matriculation Fee* $100
Course or Lab Fee (Varies per course) $50
Summer Accelerate Program

Baylor's Summer Accelerate Program is a way for high school students to begin college courses in an online environment while still in high school.

Summer I and/or Summer II Only

~ Summer Accelerate courses are offered at a discounted rate for high school students at $750 an hour. 

Undergraduate Continuing Students       

All Summer terms (Minimester, Summer I, Summer II, and Full Summer)

Tuition (Per credit hour)  
      1-6 Hours $1,432 per semester hour
      7-9 Hours $1,000 per semester hour
      10+ Hours $750 per semester hour
Course or Lab Fee (Varies per course) $50
Graduate, Seminary, and Law Students
Tuition (Per credit hour)  
      Graduate $1,432 per semester hour
      Seminary $690 per semester hour
      Law $1,471 per quarter hour

*The Matriculation Fee is a one-time fee charged to all newly admitted, degree seeking students to offset the costs associated with admissions and the creation of a new student record.

**Please be aware that adding or dropping Summer of Discovery classes may impact your tuition charges in unexpected ways. Due to the discounted rates for Summer, your bill may increase if you drop hours since lower hours have a higher cost per hour. For more information, please click here.

For a comprehensive cost estimate, see Baylor's Cost of Attendance.

Summer Billing and Payment Plan

The summer semester has four sessions: Summer I, Summer II, Full Summer, and Minimester.

Each student will receive one semester bill with charges for all summer classes. Summer Financial Settlement must be complete by the due date listed on your bill. If you register after the due date, payment is due in full one business day after receiving your bill (two business days after you register).

A 2-installment Payment Plan will be available for the summer. If you choose to use the Payment Plan, the first payment is due by the due date on your bill and the second payment is due June 30.

If you have any questions about summer billing, please contact Student Accounts.

Baylor Undergraduate Academic Scholarships for Summer 

Students who entered Baylor as first-time freshmen are eligible to request that one semester of their Baylor academic scholarship be applied to Summer if they are:

  • Graduating in Summer or Fall in seven (7) or fewer undergraduate semesters
  • Graduating in Spring or later in seven (7) or fewer undergraduate semesters (academic advisor's signature required on request form--see link below).

Students are not required to enroll full-time; however, if you are enrolled less than half-time, the scholarship will not exceed tuition costs. Note: Use of the scholarship during the summer term counts toward the maximum semesters of eligibility and applies to the Baylor Faculty or Distinction Scholarships.

Outside Scholarships

You must notify Baylor of any outside scholarship(s) you receive. For Summer outside scholarships, please submit scholarship information here. For Fall/Spring outside scholarships, please complete the Outside Scholarship Report Form (Log in using your BearID [firstname_lastname] and password). Please be advised that an outside scholarship may affect your financial aid eligibility. Baylor's policy allows outside scholarships to first reduce work-study or loans; however, because of federal or state regulations, Financial Aid may have to adjust your grants and/or scholarships. Please contact the Student Financial Aid office if you have any questions or concerns.

For more Summer Financial Aid Resources, click here to learn more.

Limited Access to Clifton Robinson Tower
Financial Aid, Student Accounts and One Stop (first floor) are open to walk-in visitors, however we encourage students to reach us via phone, contact us form or virtual office visit while a construction project occurs at the Clifton Robinson Tower. Parking is very limited. More information about how to contact us can be found here.