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Request Meal Plan Change

Meal Plan Cost & Additional Information
To view the cost of meal plans and other meal plan information click here

Please consider your meal plan choice carefully before making your request to change your meal plan. Go to the Dining Services website to view frequently asked questions and use the meal plan wizard to help assist in determining what meal plan best suits your needs.

Meal plans may only be dropped or reduced through the first two weeks of classes in the Fall and Spring terms (the first four days of classes in the Summer term). Meal Plans may be added or increased at any time during the semester. After Friday of the second week of classes, email the Cashier's Office to request a Meal Plan added or increased.

The option to add or change your meal plan is found in BearWeb. Login to BearWeb, select Student Financial Services, select Student Account, then select Meal Plans to request a meal plan change prior to the deadline which is Friday of the second week of classes.

Freshmen* living in Baylor housing and students residing in Brooks Residential College or Teal Residential College are required to purchase an 11 meal plan, 16 meal plan, Block 225 meal plan or Unlimited meal plan for the Fall and Spring terms.

*Freshmen for meal plan purposes are high school graduates who have not attended higher education for a fall or spring semester after their high school graduation.

Pricing and Processing:
The prices for the meal plans, shown in BearWeb and on our meal plan webpage, are valid through the first day of class. Pro-rated charges and credits are applied beginning the second day of class based on the number of days the meal plan was available.

  • If you are adding a Block Plan, you will be charged the full price as you are given the full number of meals.
  • If you are dropping a Block Plan, you will be charged for the number of days you were in the plan beginning the first day of class.

Watch your Baylor email for a response from the Cashier's Office telling you when your change will be active.