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Authorize Access to Bill

Privacy Issues
Please view our Student Account page for policy & regulation information.

What is an Authorized User?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) generally prohibits the release of information from educational and financial records without the student’s consent. Adding an Authorized User in the E-Bill System is a student’s written consent that an individual may view account information, make payments on their behalf, and communicate with Student Financial Services regarding their student account. In addition, per federal regulations, if a parent uses tax information to help a dependent (i.e., filling out the FAFSA), financial information can be shared with that particular parent. An Authorized User does not have access to a student’s grades or other academic records.

Benefits of being an Authorized User

An Authorized User will receive email notifications when an E-Bill is available online, and can make payments online with an electronic check (checking or savings) or credit card. In addition, they can contact the Cashier's Office and discuss the student's account information.

Federal Government Regulations

The Cashier's Office personnel cannot discuss anything specific to a student account with a person other than the student unless the student has set the person up as an Authorized User or completed the Consent to Release Information Form in BearWeb, under Student Financial Services, Student Account, giving Baylor permission to discuss the student account.

Set up an Authorized User: Step by Step

  1. Login to the E-Bill System using your Baylor ID number and PIN (only 6 characters).
  2. Under My Account, click Authorized Users in the navigation bar near the top of the page.
  3. Click Add Authorized User and follow the further instructions. You will need to know the email address of each person you choose to designate as an Authorized User.
Authorized Users:
  1. Two emails will be automatically generated and sent from to the email address entered by the student. (Check junk/bulk mailbox, also.)
  2. Use your email address and temporary password (in the second email) to login to the E-Bill System (use the Authorized Users box).
  3. Enter your full name and create a new password when logging in for the first time.
  4. Click eStatements in the top navigation bar. Choose the statement date that you want to view from the drop down box and click Select. Your statement will appear in a new window (you may need to allow pop-ups).

The E-Bill System is found at