Top Ten Reasons to Submit to The Pulse

1. Become a contender for the Wallace Daniel Award for Undergraduate Writing.
The award carries a $200 cash prize and the opportunity to present a public lecture. And it is awarded only to the best paper published in The Pulse for that year.

2. See your name—and your work—in print.

3. Gain a wider audience of students and professors for your ideas.
Youíve already written the paper. All you have to do is turn it in. The payoff could be huge, so why not go for it?

4. Impress members of the opposite sex.
You know everyone loves a celebrity.

5. It looks awesome on a resume or grad school application.
In fact, few things look more impressive. And few impressive things are this easy.

6. Find out what other smart people think of your paper.
Youíll get detailed comments back from our editors, whether your paper is accepted or not.

7. Because "hooked on phonics" worked for you!
Or didnít it?

8. Get experience in the publication process.
Not many undergrads have an opportunity like this.

9. Become a better writer.
Youíll learn a lot about yourself and about writing through the process of preparing your paper for publication.

10. Make mom proud.
Doesnít she deserve it?