Baylor Philanthropy Initiative


Philanthropy students and community partners in Fall 2016

Each semester, the Baylor Philanthropy Initiative provides an opportunity for students to steward and grant thousands of dollars in a unique and transformational learning environment. In partnership with dozens of inspiring social sector partners, students enrolled in our philanthropy courses cultivate a philanthropic spirit through hands-on experience, developing as innovative leaders poised for a lifetime of generosity.

Select students continue on as Philanthropy Fellows, charting an independent course of study designed to enhance their learning and development as social sector leaders.

Looking back over the efforts we have made this semester, I am overjoyed, overwhelmed, and positively thrilled that our class accomplished so much that we had set out to do. Our hectic little group of opinionated idealists were transformed into quite the polished group of young philanthropists by the end, and I teared up a little at our reception as each group began to speak. We truly have done some good in this world; but if there is one thing I’ve learned from this course, it is that our work is far from over." Fall 2016 student
"It’s hard to comprehend just how much this class has taught me. It hasn’t been like any other type of learning I’ve had in school. This type of learning is the kind that has been ingrained into how I view and think about life.  I don’t think that I was in the 'wrong' mindset of how I viewed giving before this semester, but there is no doubt that I view and think about the concept in a much better way now than I did before.  I am a better person since I have taken this course."-Fall 2014 student
"Blessed does not even begin to describe it. I am beyond grateful to have spent a semester exploring Waco and myself alongside the most intelligent, inspiring and encouraging peers. I was challenged to become a better team player, classmate, friend, and community member. Thankfully, the journey doesn’t end here. I am now equipped and ready to share my knowledge and passion for philanthropy."-Fall 2014 student
"I am so grateful for the opportunity to take this course! I have gotten more out of it than I ever imagined. I have learned so much about the art of philanthropy, about Waco, and about myself. This has been without a doubt the most rewarding class I have taken during my four years at Baylor." -Spring 2015 student

"I am confident that no matter where I go or whom I give to, I will always look back on this class as the pivotal moment of my Baylor career.  I am forever grateful." -Spring 2015 student