Apply to Become Capstone Faculty Mentor

This position includes a year-long commitment to mentoring a small group of OTD students through the development and implementation of the Doctoral Capstone Project. Classes include Doctoral Mentorship I, Doctoral Mentorship II, and Doctoral Capstone Project. In Doctoral Mentorship I students investigate the literature to develop an evidence-based project and lay the foundation for Capstone Experience by developing the Capstone objectives and supervision plans. In Doctoral Mentorship II, students design the methodology to implement their Capstone Project. In the final course, Doctoral Capstone Project, students implement, evaluate the effectiveness, and plan for dissemination of their Capstone Project while simultaneously attending their 16-week Doctoral Capstone Experience. Students are supported by the Capstone Faculty Mentor, Capstone Chair, Director of Capstone, and a Capstone Experience Site Supervisor.

Travel to Waco for two on-site lab immersions is a requirement.  


OTD 6572 Doctoral Mentorship I (5 credit hours)

Development of a scholarly Doctoral Capstone Project Plan to include literature review, needs assessment, identification of individualized learning objectives, plans for supervision, and evaluation plan.

Type: Online/Onsite Lab

Onsite Lab Dates: 04/11/2022 - 04/12/2022


OTD 6383 Doctoral Mentorship II (3 credit hours)

Methods and procedures for the planned Doctoral Capstone Project are developed with a proposal for implementation and evaluation submitted. The student collaborates and reflects on issues related to occupational therapy practice including service delivery, supervision, and ethical considerations across a variety of practice settings.

Type: Online/Onsite Lab

Onsite Lab Dates: 08/1/2022 - 08/4/2022


OTD 6V09 Doctoral Capstone Experience (15 credit hours)

In-depth experience in one or more of the following areas: clinical practice, research, leadership, program and policy development, advocacy, education and/or theory development. This experience requires application and synthesis of professional knowledge and concentrated skills with 560 hours of a mentored doctoral capstone experience in the student’s selected area.

Type: Online


OTD 6309 Doctoral Capstone Project (3 credit hours)

Implementation of the capstone project including data collection and data analysis, or program evaluation with conclusions. Preparation of abstract or article for publication. Dissemination of results for an applied and innovative project designed in response to an identified need in the profession.

Type: Online