Post-professional OTD Curriculum

Degree Requirements

The Baylor University Post-Professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy program consists of 30 total semester hours - 17 core credits, 7 capstone credits and 6 hybrid learning credits.  This cohort-based program is completed 100% online, in 16 months.  The curriculum supports individualized exploration in the specialty area of hybrid teaching and learning to align with a student's professional goals for clinical practice or academia.


Core Courses (17 credit hours):

  • OTD 6310 - Advances in OT Practice [3 credit hours]
  • OTD 6210 - Evidence-based Practice [2 credit hours]
  • OTD 6240 - Program Evaluation and Development [2 credit hours]
  • OTD 6320 - Conceptual Foundations [3 credit hours]
  • OTD 6220 - Professional Development and Leadership [2 credit hours]
  • OTD 6330 - Clinical Reasoning [3 credit hours]
  • OTD 6230 - Teaching and Education Theory [2 credit hours]

Doctoral Capstone Courses (7 credit hours):

  • OTD 6340 - Doctoral Capstone I [3 credit hours]
  • OTD 6272 - Doctoral Capstone II [2 credit hours]
  • OTD 6280 - Doctoral Capstone III [2 credit hours]


Hybrid Learning - (6 credit hours):

  • OTD 6196 - Hybrid Learning in the Healthcare Clinic and Classroom [1 credit hour]
  • OTD 6298 - Hybrid Teaching Strategies for the Healthcare Clinic and Classroom [2 credit hours]
  • OTD 6396 - Developing Hybrid Teaching Skills for the Healthcare Clinic and Classroom [3 credit hours]



Academic Calendar

Academic calendars are published for each program cohort based on the year of graduation. Key dates and activities contained in these academic calendars are subject to change.


Post-professional OTD Academic Calendar 2021-2022

The Post-professional OTD program prepares students for continued professional development in an area of clinical specialization, including preparation for teaching in that area of specialization in an academic setting. The program is structured to guide the student’s personal and professional growth, to encourage change and adaptation, and to ensure the mastery of the discipline with advanced courses. Coursework prepares students to graduate as doctoral-level practice-scholars with the capacity to transform occupational therapy practice in settings where OT is currently practiced and settings where it is emerging. 

Plan of Study

Plan of Study 2022-2023