Pain Science Track

Students pursuing the Pain Science track must complete the following two courses.  OTD 6390, 6391 must be completed in the order listed. 

OTD 6390 - Pain Neuroscience Education: Overview of current research and theory related to neuroscience educational strategies utilizing neurobiology and neurophysiology. Emphasis on clinical application and implementation of therapeutic neuroscience education for patients with acute, sub-acute, and chronic pain.

OTD 6391 - Examination and Treatment of the Sensitive Nervous System: Study of the complexity of neurodynamics, biological and physiological properties of the nervous system. Practical application and instruction in assessment and intervention related to pain neuroscience and neurodynamic treatments for the sensitive nervous system. Exploration of current research associated with peripheral neuropathic pain with an emphasis on effective methods to teach patients about their pain using pain neuroscience education.


Course offerings by term

(Note:  dates below are for planning purposes and actual course delivery dates may vary slightly)

Spring Term - Courses and course offering dates

OTD 6390       1/10 to 2/19
OTD 6391     2/21 to 4/23 

Fall Term - Courses and course offering dates

OTD 6390         9/12 to 10/22
OTD 6391         8/22 to 12/3