Roommate Issues

Living with one or more persons is not always smooth sailing. Even with careful discussion and prior agreement, misunderstandings will occur. However, there are a few things one can practice to make for the most comfortable living situation.

One key to successful roommate living is making sure the lines of communication are kept open. If you have likes, dislikes, or certain preferences, be sure to tell the other people involved. Share ideas and feelings openly. Do not put off stressful discussions. Sit down and talk them out calmly, and most of all, honestly.

Second, make a commitment to your roommates to work together in order to have the best living situation possible. Realize that negotiation and compromise are essential factors when living with someone. Share decisions and be sure you give compliments as freely as criticism.

Third, be considerate toward your roommates and their guests and friends. If one of you is undergoing a particularly stressful time, share the situation so extra-sensitive precautions can take place. Respect each other's property, feelings, and emotions and they will likely do the same for you.

If you need a mediator, do not hesitate to get one. Sometimes not all things can be worked out alone. For more help or personal advice, counseling is available at the Counseling Center at 254-710-2467.