Looking for Off-Campus Housing

Every year hundreds of Baylor students spend thousands of hours in search of the perfect place to live. If off-campus housing is the best option for you, this information is provided to help you make well-informed decisions. Here are a few of the kinds of questions you will need to answer for yourself:

When to Look

When is the time to sign a contract? Perhaps the best answer is another question: What are you looking for?

There is no date that is the right time to lease an apartment. Help can be found in the Office of the Associate Vice President for Student Life and in the Office of Judicial Affairs. Perhaps the most important answer to when is

  • When you feel comfortable with your future roommate.
  • When you have completely examined the complex.
  • When you have examined and clarified the lease. (Do not be afraid to ask for a copy to study at home before you sign!)
  • When you feel the time is right for you.

What to Look for in an Apartment

  • Do I want to live in an apartment, a condominium, a house, a duplex, or a room in a private home?
  • Do I want to live within walking distance of campus?
  • How many people do I want to live with?
  • Do I want my own bedroom?
  • Do I want a furnished or unfurnished place?
  • What things are important to me: laundry facilities, storage, study atmosphere, parking, recreational facilities, security?
  • How much rent can I afford to pay?
  • Do I want a 9-month, 10-month, or 12-month lease?

When looking for an apartment, be sure that the apartment has the safety features required by law.

  • A window latch on each exterior window.
  • A doorknob lock or keyed deadbolt on each exterior door.
  • A sliding door pin lock and a sliding door handle latch or a sliding door security bar on each exterior sliding glass door.
  • A keyless bolting device and a door viewer on each exterior door.
  • Smoke detectors.
  • Rekeyed security devices. (All security devices operated by a key, card, or combination must be rekeyed by the landlord at the landlord's expense not later than the seventh day after each tenant turnover date.)
Other safety features, not required by law, may be provided.
  • All exterior doors are solid wood or metal construction.
  • All windows have undamaged frames and screens.
Do not be afraid to ask an apartment manager or current tenants about these items.

Lighting is also important.

  • Lighting illuminates the parking area as well as the apartment.
  • Well-lighted parking is available near the apartment entrance.
  • The entrance to the apartment is visible from either the street or other apartments (to deter burglary)
  • Landscaping does not provide a place for someone to remain concealed.

Where to Look for an Apartment

This website lists most of the apartments found within the Baylor neighborhood. Other sources of information are: