Welcome to the Baylor University Guide to Off-Campus Living. Here you will find information about the housing options available off-campus and how to deal with some of the problems that you may encounter. If you don't see what you need on these pages, feel free to visit us in the Wellness/Care Team Suite on the second floor (Suite 207) of the McLane Student Life Center (the SLC) or telephone us at 254-710-6407. Our fax number is 254-710-1766. You may also contact us by e-mail at Maria_I_Rodriguez@baylor.edu.

Important Notice

Most properties listed on this Web site are within one mile of the Baylor campus and are being made available for your convenience. The University has not inspected these accommodations as a condition for listing. It is your responsibility to inspect the place you chose to live, using the safety tips offered on the link for Looking for Off-Campus Housing. Be certain you are satisfied with all terms of the contract before you enter an agreement for housing. Please contact the Baylor Police Department at 254-710-2222 or Student Health and Welfare at 254-710-6407 for additional information.

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