Undergraduate FAQ's

Fast Bacc

1. When is the application deadline?
Applications for each May FastBacc class must be submitted by November 1st. Completed applications will include official transcripts and official HESI A2 exam scores.

2. How many students are admitted to the program?
We currently accept 50 students each May into the FastBacc program.
*This number is subject to change.

3. What are the pre-requisites for the FastBacc program?
The pre-requisites for the FastBacc program can be found in the FastBacc Admission Requirements website.

4. Do all of the pre-requisites have to be completed before I can apply to the FastBacc program?
No, however, all prerequisites must be completed prior to beginning the FastBacc program. Please see the FastBacc Admission Requirements website for more details.

5. How do I apply to the FastBacc program?
Application to the FastBacc program begins by completing the and following submission guidelines on the application. FastBacc 2015 applications will be available during Spring 2014.

6. Where are the clinical experiences located?
The FastBacc clinicals will primarily be held at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas.

7. Will I be able to work while in the program?
The FastBacc program is an accelerated program requiring much time in class, clinicals and in study. We do not recommend attempting to work while enrolled in the program.


Financial Aid

1. Now that I have been admitted into the program, what should I start doing concerning financial aid?
Since you plan to enroll during the 2011 fall semester, you should complete the 2011-2012 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) using actual data from 2010 income tax returns. You can file a 2011-2012 FAFSA online at www.fafsa.ed.gov. Filing the FAFSA online expedites the process and also decreases the chances for errors when completing the document. You will also need to request a PIN number for use as your electronic signature, or print the signature page, sign it, and mail it to the federal processor. Please remember to include our Title IV school code, 003545. The federal processor usually has results of the FAFSA to our office within two or three weeks of the date you file the form. If you have already completed the 2011-2012 FAFSA, you will need to add Baylor University to your FAFSA by adding our Title IV school code.
More Information: http://www.fafsa.ed.gov

2. When will I receive my financial aid award letter?
On November 1st, the Baylor University Office of Academic Scholarships & Financial Aid in Waco will begin to process financial aid awards for the 2011 spring semester. If they have received your processed FAFSA, your file has passed all the edits, and there are no additional documents needed, your aid will be determined and a Your Financial Aid Offer booklet will be mailed that will contain your award notification letter. You will be notified by mail if any additional documentation is needed.

3. What should I do until my Financial Aid award letter arrives?
You should verify on-line that your FAFSA has been processed and or corrected. Also, review any notifications from the federal processor or the Office of Academic Scholarships and Financial Aid regarding your aid application and respond appropriately.

4. How can I apply for scholarships and grants?
You are automatically considered for scholarships and grants once you have been accepted to the University and you have filled out the FAFSA.



1. Does Baylor offer night classes?
No, classes are Monday through Friday and typically during regular working hours. Occasionally twelve hour clinicals are offered that will run past 5:00 pm or meet on Saturdays.

2. Does Baylor offer an accelerated program for those who already have another degree?
Yes. The Louise Herrington School of Nursing does offer a 'FastBacc' program for those who already have an undergraduate degree. More information can be found at the Fast Bacc program website.

3. Do you still accept the Nurse Entrance Test (NET) for admission?
No, the only entrance test accepted is the HESI A2.

4. May another entrance exam be substituted for the HESI A2 that is required for admission?
No, all students must submit HESI A2 scores by the application deadline.

5. Will high school foreign language courses fulfill the prerequisite requirement?
No, only college level courses are acceptable substitutes for any prerequisite course.

6. I am a certified medical assistant. Will any of my courses apply toward the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree?
No, only courses from accredited colleges or universities may be transferred.

7. What are the application deadlines?
Spring semester applications are due by May 1st each year. Fall semester applications are due by January 15th each year.

8. Will I be able to work full-time and attend nursing school?
While there is no policy prohibiting a student from working full-time, it is recommended that students work no more than 16 hours per week.

9. How can I get information about admission to the school of nursing?
Please visit the "Prospective Student" section of this website.

10. I am a transfer student, what should my first step be?
Contact the Academic Advisor on the Dallas campus. You will need to provide copies of your transcripts for evaluation. After your transcripts have been evaluated you will be provided with a degree plan.

11. May I take some of the prerequisite courses after I begin nursing school?
No, all prerequisite classes must be completed before beginning nursing school.

12. Do I have to move to Waco?
No, you may take courses at accredited colleges and universities and transfer into the nursing program for the final two years.

13. What GPA must I have to guarantee admission?
There is no GPA that can guarantee admission. Students with a GPA of 3.0 and above may be considered for admission. Class sizes are limited; typically, admitted students have a higher GPA than the minimum requirement.