Graduating Seniors release song to inspire fellow nursing students

April 19, 2013
Bethany Gebhart, Janis Kovar, Dean Conroy, Bekah Lemonds
We would like to share with you the exciting news of the release of "Let Them See Jesus" by Bekah Lemonds, featuring Bethany Gebhart. It is now for sale on-line with cdbaby and will also be available on iTunes within the next few weeks. Bekah and Bethany have graciously decided to donate all proceeds from the purchases of this song to nursing student scholarships at the Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing. You can purchase the song for $0.99 by visiting

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Photo L to R: Senior Nursing Student Bethany Gebhart, Director of Development Janis Kovar, Dean Shelley Conroy, Senior Nursing Student Bekah Lemonds

Bethany Gebhart, Janis Kovar, Dean Conroy, Bekah Lemonds
During this past summer while I was at home on break I began pondering the fast-approaching upcoming semester. I got very overwhelmed as I thought about what I was going to face when the supposedly hardest semester of nursing school started in August. I then started to think about J1 Orientation because I was going to be an Encourager leader for the incoming students. What I should tell them? How could I communicate with them most clearly about what nursing truly is and the truth about nursing school without scaring them? That was when I felt that God put it on my heart to write a song for the incoming nursing students - a song to inspire and encourage them to provide compassionate health care with excellent skill.

I pushed the idea aside until I returned to school. During the week of J1 Orientation, I was visiting with my friend Bethany Gebhart. She and I had lead worship prayer sets together at our church in Dallas called The Upper Room on Oak Lawn Ave. As we talked late into the night, I mentioned that I felt God asking me to write a song for J1 Orientation. I asked Bethany if she would like to co-write it with me and she excitedly agreed. We stayed up that night until 3 am and wrote the song "Let Them See Jesus", which was meant to inspire nursing students and nurses to provide compassionate health care with excellent skill. We played the song at J1 Orientation and it touched many of the students' hearts and encouraged them. We made a goal to record the song before graduation.

That fall semester of our senior year proved to be the hardest semester of our lives. With my father, who was an incredible nurse leader at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, passing in September, the song got put on the back-burner. When the spring semester rolled around our entire school gathered together for Convocation. Our school's Director of Student Ministry, David Kemerling, had asked a few other students and I to sing a worship song for the Convocation service. I was sitting on the front row of the auditorium when our Dean walked up to me and asked me to play a song to kill a few minutes because they were not ready to start the program. I walked up to the front of the room, grabbed my guitar, stepped up to the microphone and my mind went completely blank. I know hundreds of songs and many chords, but I literally could not think of anything to sing. Finally, I decided to call Bethany from the crowd to sing the song we had written for the new incoming students. We had not practiced it since August and ended up singing it in the wrong key but still it touched the hearts of the students and faculty.

After Convocation, Janis Kovar, the Director of Development for the nursing school, approached me and introduced herself. She asked me if Bethany and I would come to a Task Force meeting for the volunteers that were planning the Going for the Gold Gala to raise money for nursing student scholarships and share our song and our thanks for the scholarships we had received. I was excited about this opportunity! After the Task Force meeting Mrs. Kovar e-mailed me to ask if Bethany and I would sing the song for the Going for the Gold Gala event. I was ecstatic! We sang the song at the Gala where I was approached by Dr. Blair Blackburn, the Executive Vice President of Dallas Baptist University. He offered to record the song for us at the DBU studio free of charge. We are so grateful to Dr. Blackburn and the team at Horner Hall Studio for their generosity and opening up their beautiful studio to us.

All proceeds for purchases of "Let Them See Jesus" will go toward nursing student scholarships and the Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing. We hope you are inspired, encouraged, and blessed by our song!

Sic 'em bears!
-Bekah Lemonds and Bethany Gebhart
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