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Nursing Learning Resource Center (NLRC)

The NLRC is normally located in the basement of the Academic Building at 333 N. Washington Avenue in Dallas. Temporarily, it is in the Academic Building, 1st Floor Tech Point location while the basement is in renovations. It specializes in nursing resources that support faculty research and nursing student learning. NLRC resources include: research and full text databases; electronic journals; books and e-books; undergraduate textbook reserves; printers; a full color digital scanner; study rooms with white boards; student e-mail and internet access; and clinical equipment for check out. The NLRC has access to all the Baylor University Central Libraries electronic resources plus some that are LHSON access-only.

Have a Question?  Need Help?
A credentialed professional medical librarian is available to answer questions and provide research assistance weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Nursing student workers are also available to help and give advice. Stop by the NLRC, call (972) 576-9200, or email nursinglrc@baylor.edu . The email is checked three times per day Monday through Friday. NLRC users may also schedule an appointment with a professional librarian here: https://libcal.baylor.edu/appointments?u=70432

Tips and other useful information are on the Nursing LRC Tools for Success Research Guide at

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PawPrints at the Nursing School

A supplemental printing queue is available to nursing students to simplify the printing process. Printing on legal size paper is required by some nursing instructors and installing the supplemental queue allows that option to be selected. To take advantage of the nursing printing queue please follow the following steps:

  1. Install the regular PawPrints queues at www.baylor.edu/pawprints
  2. Install the PawPrints-Supplement-Nursing queue at  https://baylor.box.com/v/software-for-students
  3. With both installed, a user may now send all print jobs using “PawPrints-Nursing.”
  4. The options the user chooses for the document: simplex/duplex, BW/color, letter/legal will determine which printer the document can be released to for completion.
  5. If a user tries to release to a printer that cannot handle the options (e.g. legal to a color printer with no legal paper), the release page will deny the job and tell them why, and the user will need to reprint. 
  6. The printer named Nursing-LRC-B is the only printer that allows for legal sized documents.

Staffing Hours
The physical NLRC space is accessible by the Dallas-issued ID badge 24 hours/7 days a week.  The Information Desk is staffed about 83 hours a week during regular semesters.  Fall and spring NLRC Desk staffing hours begin on the first day of class.  Below are the standard Desk staffing hours during the fall and spring semesters.

Monday – Thursday 8am-11pm
Friday                       8am-5pm
Saturday                   9am-5pm
Sunday                     1pm-11pm

NLRC Information Desk staffing hours are posted on this website and displayed on monitors around the nursing school buildings.  Desk staffing hours for holidays, summer school, breaks and between sessions vary.  These special hours will be posted in advance.  For more information, go to the NLRC website, call (972) 576-9200 or email nursinglrc@baylor.edu .

Borrowing Books and Equipment
Students may borrow most books from the NLRC for up to three weeks.  Except for textbook reserves and some NCLEX-RN review books, most books may be renewed for another three weeks by stopping by, emailing nursinglrc@baylor.edu or calling (972) 576-9200 and asking to renew the item.  You do not need to have the item with you.  However, if someone else has requested the item, it must be returned on the due date and cannot be renewed.

When the NLRC Desk is not staffed books, clinical equipment or other NLRC items may be returned in the slot in the front of the NLRC Desk.

The following clinical equipment may be checked out at the NLRC Desk for 3 weeks:

  • sphygmomanometers (blood pressure cuffs) 
  • otoscope/ophthalmoscope kits
  • Denver Developmental Diagnostic kits

Audiovisual items are for faculty checkout or NLRC use only.

Late Fees
Please be considerate of other Nursing LRC users by returning NLRC materials on time. Late items are charged a fee for each day late past the original due date. You can avoid late fees by renewing an item on the due date.  Computer-generated overdue notices are automatically sent to the user’s Baylor email account.  Late fees are then added to a student’s monthly Baylor bill and can be paid online.  

BSN Textbook Reserves
As a convenience to undergraduate students, the NLRC has a print copy of most required and recommended textbooks on Reserve. This is a courtesy service to students. It is not a substitute for purchasing textbooks.

Reserve books:

  • May be borrowed for two hours.
  • You may ask to renew for a second two-hour period
    • Call 972.576.9200 or
    • Ask in person at the Information Desk.
    • Reserve book renewal requests may not be done by email.
    • Renewals are not guaranteed. Others may be waiting for the item.
  • Reserve book use is limited to a total use of 4 consecutive hours.
    • The book must be returned to the NLRC Desk after the second (optional) 2-hour renewal. 
  • If you leave the NLRC area, pay attention to the time due.
    •   There is no grace period for travel time.
  • The late fee for a Reserve textbook is $10.00 per hour, calculated by whole hours, not per minute.
  • Late fees are added to a student’s monthly Baylor bill.
  • The person who borrows a Reserve book is responsible for returning it on time and for late fees, if any.
  • In most cases, Reserve books can be checked out overnight at 15 minutes before Information Desk staffing ends. 
    • Reserve books on overnight checkout are due when Information Desk staffing begins on the next NLRC business day, whether the borrower is on campus or not.
  • If the NLRC Desk is closed, return the item in the slot in the gate/desk front. Send an email to Nursinglrc@baylor.edu documenting when the item was returned. The item will be checked in on the next LRC business day and any late fee will be adjusted, if necessary.

Study Guides/Reviews for NCLEX-RN and Nursing Specialties
The Nursing LRC has many study guides for NCLEX-RN and HESI specialties test review and practice which can be checked out for nursing student use. The current ones are behind the Desk. Except for the study guides on Reserve, the study guides behind the Desk may be checked out for 3 weeks. On request, they can be renewed once for an additional three weeks but then must be returned so that other students have a chance to use them. Late fees for overdue study guides are 50 cents per day for each day the Nursing LRC Desk is staffed.

With some exceptions, students usually may avoid late fees by renewing the item on the day the item is due.  To request a renewal, you may stop by the NLRC in person, or send an email to nursinglrc@baylor.edu or call the NLRC at (972) 576-9200. You do not have to have the item(s) with you when renewing.  This does not apply to Reserve textbooks.

Group Study Rooms
The NLRC has three study rooms equipped with white boards. White board kits consisting of a whiteboard eraser and eight markers may be checked out at the Desk. Study room use is first-come, first-served.  The rooms may not be reserved.  Groups of three or more have priority over individuals or two persons.  Leaving personal items in a study room does not reserve or claim the room. Items left unattended in a group study room may be retrieved from the Information Desk during staffing hours. 

Food and Beverages
The NLRC strives to protect the NLRC’s resources and provide a clean, pest-free environment for study and thought.  Spills can damage equipment and furniture. Food debris and wrappings attract pests and insects which then feed on books or make the NLRC space unpleasant.

Beverages in covered containers are welcome in the NLRC. 

Eating is permitted but please be considerate of others: avoid strong-smelling food; clean up after yourself; put your trash in the main waste receptacles, next to the recycling bins.

Please do not leave food trash in the study rooms. Take it to the main waste receptacles

Student Employment
The NLRC hires student workers for daytime, evening and weekend shifts during the fall and spring semesters.  Students must already be approved for Federal Work Study. NLRC jobs are posted at Baylor University’s Student Employment Center website.  Search for Nursing School Dallas LRC Student Employee.