MSN Leadership and Innovation Online Program


Program Overview
As a student in the Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing, the online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Leadership and Innovation program is designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and abilities to lead and transform today’s complex health care environments. The convenient online program allows students to benefit with greater program flexibility, more interaction with faculty and colleagues, greater ability to concentrate in your personal learning environment, plus no commuting. The 36 credit hour online program prepares graduates for the management and leadership needs across the healthcare continuum including ambulatory care agencies, home healthcare, and hospice, acute care facilities. 

Our Advantages

Program Outcomes 

MSN graduates are prepared to:

  1. Apply theoretical perspectives, scientific evidence, and visionary thinking to critically analyze and lead complex organizational systems and implement strategic and innovative change; (AACN: Essential 1, 11, 1V, V11, 1X; AONE/NEC: Leadership and Knowledge of Healthcare Environment; AONE/NM: The Science; ANA: Standards 1 - 6,  11, 13, 15; QSEN: Quality Improvement (QI), Teamwork and
    Collaboration, Patient-centered Care, Evidence-Based Practice)  
  2. Use interpersonal, interprofessional and organizational communication and relationship building skills to create and lead highly functioning, reliable and healthy teams; (AACN: Essential 1, 11, V11, 1X; AONE/NEC: Communication and Relationship building, Leadership, Professionalism; AONE/NM: The Art; ANA: Standards 8 - 11, 15; QSEN: Teamwork and Collaboration, Patient-centered Care)
  3. Combine business skills and principles, evidence-based practice, informatics, and quality and safety strategies and metrics to lead care improvement processes, outcomes and systems; (AACN: Essential 111, 1V, V, V111, 1X; AONE/NEC: Business Skills and Principles; AONE/NM: The Science; ANA: Standards 7, 14, 15, 16; QSEN: Quality Improvement (QI), Safety, Patient-centered Care, /Evidence Based Practice, Informatics)  
  4. Employ state, federal and global health policy(ies) to advocate for healthcare reform and improve health outcomes for all; and, (AACN: Essential 11, 1V, V1, V111, 1X; AONE/NEC: Knowledge of Healthcare Environment; AONE/NM: The Science, The Art; ANA: Standard 7, 16, 17; QSEN: Quality Improvement (QI), Safety, Teamwork and Collaboration, Patient-Centered Care)  
  5. Model professionalism, integrity, faith-in-action, consistency and respect for differing viewpoints and with diverse populations.  (AACN: Essential 11, 1V, V11, V111, 1X; AONE/NEC: Professionalism; AONE/NM: The Art, The Leader Within; ANA: Standard 8, 9, 10, 11, 16; QSEN: Teamwork and Collaboration, Patient-centered Care)  

Upon scuccessful completion of the online course of study, students are prepared to enter roles such as: Nurse Manager, Nurse Director, Clinic Manager, Home Health Manager, Case Manager, Nurse Supervisor and other leadership positions. Graduates of this program will meet the competencies established by AACN, ANA, AONE and QSEN and will be prepared to take national leadership certification examinations.


  • Madison Adcock
    Coordinator of Recruitment & Enrollment
    (214) 820-2771 or
  • Dr. Julie Millenbruch
    Program Coordinator
    (214) 820-6195