About Us

The unique mission of the Louise Herrington School of Nursing of Baylor University is to prepare baccalaureate and graduate level nurses, within a Christian community, for professional practice, health care leadership, and worldwide service. Our Christian faith is at the very heart of nursing theory and practice. We believe that nurses have been called to make a difference. Few academic disciplines give students the opportunity to so thoroughly integrate faith and learning, faith with leadership, and faith with service. Our school's unique faith based approach prepares our students for a committed life of caring.

The administration, faculty, and staff of the Louise Herrington School of Nursing hold these core values:

  • We believe in an education that incorporates Christian principles into the curriculum. The education is experienced in an environment where the individual is valued and supported by the consistent role modeling of the Christian faith.
  • We value an environment where academic freedom allows the discovery and discussion of diverse ideas.
  • We value achieving and maintaining competence and striving for excellence in the various roles of students, faculty, and staff.

Baylor University, Above, Beyond
The Baylor name is known far and wide. Baylor University is the world's largest Baptist university and is the oldest continuously operating university in Texas. Baylor is committed to academic excellence while creating an environment that nourishes its students spiritually as well. Graduates have a long and storied history of success in virtually every endeavor here and around the world. It's a place that has always taught that through faith anything is possible.

A One-Of-A-Kind Learning Environment
Our school is located on the Baylor University Medical Center campus near downtown Dallas. Our four-story complex includes a student computer lab, spacious classrooms wired for multi-media and video presentations and conferencing, state of the art human patient simulators and study lounges.

The complex also includes a Learning Resource Center. Two professional librarians, who provide support service exclusively to the faculty and to the students, staff the specialty nursing information center.

The Baccalaureate, Master's and Doctor of Nursing Practice programs have received full, national accreditation by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and are approved by the Texas Board of Nurses. All Baylor baccalaureate nursing graduates are qualified to take the National Certification Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX) in any state.