The Career Planner

Student Engagement Scholarship recipients may utilize this option as their semester engagement plan for one semester of their time in the program.

At the start of the semester, the student will be sent a self-tracking cover sheet on which to document a minimum of 45 points of the maximum 80 points below.  The tracking sheet and related supporting documents must be submitted to the Student Engagement office (305 Bill Daniel Student Center) be the last class day of the semester to be evaluated for satisfactory fulfillment.


  1. Create an account in Handshake.   5 points

  2. Meet with a career coach in the Baylor University Career Center (BUCC) to assess your interests, values, personality type, strengths, and skills.  5 points


  1. Through BUCC, complete the Focus 2 Career Discovery Program and discuss the results with a CPD advisor. 5 points


  1. Join one of the 320+ student organizations on campus.  Attend at least 5 meetings or activities of that organization. Volunteer to serve in some capacity in the group.  10 points


  1. Identify 3 individuals who work in fields that interest you.  Interview each. Take notes of the questions you asked, an overview of their responses, and your thoughts following the interview.  10 points


  1. Write a personal mission statement, including your core values and personal and professional goals. 5 points


  1. Create your resume and schedule an appointment for a resume review. 5 points


  1. Begin or add to a portfolio (e-portfolio through Connect if you choose) of your writing samples, class projects, and other successes.   10 points


  1. Create an account in LinkedIn to maintain contacts and join groups relevant to your chosen field. 5 points


  1. Create a personal statement (primarily for those preparing for graduate school) or a cover letter (for those preparing for job searches), and have it reviewed by BUCC and the Writing Center.  5 points


  1. Select at least three faculty or staff members who know you well enough to serve as your references.  Ask them to serve as your references, and get their permission before giving their names to employerswhen you complete applications.  5 points


  1. Practice your interviewing skills by participating in a mock interview.  10 points