Aug. 26, 2013

The Zombies are coming!

(Please read thoroughly)

Once again, the Honors Residential College will be playing Humans vs Zombies. The game begins on Wednesday, September 11th and will end on Friday the 13th. A final draft of the rules is soon to come, but we are beginning sign-ups early so that we can order enough bandanas for the game.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with HVZ...

Humans vs Zombies is a massive game of tag that spans three days. The Zombies' goal is to tag humans, turning them into zombies. The Humans' goal is to stay alive, defending themselves with Nerf dart blasters while completing various mission objectives. Players wear orange bandanas (which we will provide) to identify their team.

For those of you who played HVZ with us last year...

There have been some changes to the rules, and one change in particular is quite significant. There will be no Alpha Zombies. That's right, you read correctly. We will have a team of 6-8 regular Zombies to start the game. However, here's the kicker... Humans will have to earn the ability to use their weapons. No pressure. This development will be explained more thoroughly when the new rule-book is finished.

To sign-up, email Matthew Blair

If you are not using your Baylor email, please include your name in the email.

Do NOT reply to this email! Email the Game Director at Matthew Blair

The deadline for sign-ups is Friday, September 6th. However, we will have to order the bandanna well before then. To ensure that we have a bandanna for you, please sign up by Thursday of this week.

Lastly, if you are interested in beginning the game as a Zombie, please inform the Game Director in your email. This does not guarantee that you will be chosen, but you will receive further correspondence from the Game Director.

Good luck, and remember... Protect your brain at all cost

-The Game Director