Beyond the HRC: The Fifth Floor Initiative

The Fifth Floor is an initiative started by the HRC to reach into our community and our world to understand and engage our neighbors in the love of God, love of neighbor, and love of learning through compassionate service and genuine love for the enrichment of our shared life together.

<i>The mission trip is a great way for our students to serve and learn.</i>
The mission trip is a great way for our students to serve and learn.
<i>The HRC's commitment to service in the Northern Triangle informs many of our other yearly practices.</i>
The HRC's commitment to service in the Northern Triangle informs many of our other yearly practices.
<i>We are so appreciative of our friends at Estella Maxey!</i>
We are so appreciative of our friends at Estella Maxey!
<i>We love being a part of the Waco community.</i>
We love being a part of the Waco community.
<i>Students place a pin where they have served across the country and the world.</i>
Students place a pin where they have served across the country and the world.

This plays out in various tangible ways:

  • Multiple times a week, we join with our friends in East Waco at the Estella Maxey housing complex where we tutor children, get to know their families, and have an enjoyable afternoon playing with them.
  • We are partnered with the Straw to Bread program on the Nyakach Plateau in southern Kenya. Straw to Bread was started by Dr. Lisa Baker to provide medical care to and continue friendship with the people of the Nyakach Plateau.
  • The HRC has a deep commitment to the people of the Northern Triangle of Central America. This is also the location of our spring break mission trip, where students travel with a faculty member to do research and service with the people of Guatemala. The goal of this ongoing project is to support and empathize with local organizations that work in Guatemala.

Through these initiatives, we hope to extend the work of the HRC beyond the four physical floors of the Honors Residential College buildings into the Waco community and beyond to the rest of the world.

Weekly Service

The Honors Residential College proudly partners with Restoration Haven to serve as tutors in an after-school program at the Estella Maxey housing complex. Our student volunteers mentor kindergarten to middle-school students both academically and personally, getting to play a role in their growth and development.

This year, groups of students will serve every Monday and Thursday, 4:00-5:30 pm.

Mission Trip

Guatemala Mission Trip & the Northern Triangle

For many decades now, Central America’s Northern Triangle (El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala) has been beset by poverty and violence. Beginning with the civil wars and struggles for liberation in the 1970s and 1980s, these countries have faced an onslaught of dictatorships, street gangs, and economic upheavals. America has a hand in much of the troubles, and to this day, we are tied to the fate of these beautiful peoples who have despite everything continued to thrive. Given these intertwined realities, the Honors Residential College seeks to partner with the nations of Northern Triangle. 

As a part of this initiative, the Honors Residential College has partnered with Orphan’s Heart, an international childcare program dedicated to providing “Christ-centered services to orphans and other children and families in need throughout the developing world in order to meet their physical, spiritual, emotional and medical needs” (Orphan’s Heart Mission Statement). The HRC has also formed a partnership with Potter's House, an organization that strives to "walk alongside the poor in Guatemala" (Potter's House Mission Statement).

The Honors Residential College has planned a spring break mission trip with Potter's House in Guatemala City, Guatemala, taking place during spring break of 2018.  Through this trip and other initiatives, the HRC is hoping to develop coursework, funding, thesis projects, and other scholarly activities related to the Northern Triangle. Our work with the Northern Triangle is a whole group effort, and while occasionally a few of us will get to visit, all of us are committed to this promising vision.

For more information on the HRC's involvement with and dedication to the Northern Triangle, or to learn more about our Spring Break mission trip there, please contact our Mission Trip Coordinator, Kennen Dickens.