Social Events


One of the most treasured HRC traditions, Toasties features a delicious take on the classic grilled cheese sandwich, offered in both sweet and savory varieties.  Students gather in the Reading Room to partake of this tasty HRC staple, socialize with friends, and listen to some awesome music.

Welcome Week Toasties 2017

Humans vs. Zombies

Each semester, HRC students must face the most rigorous of tests, prepared only with their own cunning, creativity, and Nerf guns.  Humans vs. Zombies is a three-day battle between those hardy human students and the forsaken zombies.  This wildly popular game is a longstanding tradition of the HRC.

Community Dinner

One of students’ most beloved traditions, Community Dinner brings friends and faculty together to share in fine food and good discussion.  The evening serves as a reminder of intentional community, and usually features a keynote speaker.

HRC Community Dinner Fall 2017


What features water games, community building, and midnight kolache runs?  That’s right – the HRC retreat!  Each fall, students travel to Latham Springs for a weekend of fun activities and outdoor exploration.  Retreat is an event you won’t want to miss!

HRC Retreat 2017

Garden Party

Each year, the Honors Residential College hosts a beautiful garden party to honor the hard work of students throughout the year, and to celebrate the arrival of spring.  Students gather in the Garden of Contentment to eat fine food, chat with friends, and celebrate the closing of the school year.

Spring Formal

Dance the night away at Spring Formal!  Students dress to the nines and close out the school year with an evening of fun, friends, and music.

HRC Spring Formal - 2017

Tri-College Tournament

Each year, the Honors Residential College competes against Brooks Residential College and Teal Residential College for the glorious championship title.  Events include tug-of-war, Sailor Bear, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and much more.

Tri-College Tournament Spring 2017


Embrace your inner athlete with HRC intramurals!  Compete against other teams in games such as flag football, ultimate frisbee, table tennis, basketball, canoeing, and more.

Tailgating and Watch Parties

Support your Baylor Bears with friends and good food!  Stop by the HRC tailgate before home games for conversation and tasty barbeque.  When the team is away, watch the game on the large Reading Room screen with other HRC students.

TCU Tailgate - Frog Legs 2016


There’s no need to lift a finger during HRC move-in!  Returning students and staff are there to carry new students’ belongings and guide them throughout the move-in process.

HRC Freshman Move-In 2017