Academic Events


            Each semester, the Honors Residential College hosts a few small dinners for students to meet with exciting faculty members and guests.  These intimate meals allow for discussion with great minds from a variety of fields.  Past distinguished speakers include:

  • Ron Anderson—former CEO of Parkland
  • Joel Allison—CEO Baylor Scott and White Healthcare System
  • Sid Fitzwater—Federal judge
  • Steve Megison—UT Southwestern faculty—Pediatric Surgery
  • Don Meier—Chairman Pediatric Surgery Paul Foster School of Medicine and former missionary to Nigeria
  • Rebecca Naylor—former missionary to India, UT Southwestern faculty
  • Alan Keister—internist Amarillo, started Heal the City free clinic in Amarillo, also founded an ACO in Amarillo
  • Paul Hancock—CMO Methodist Health System in San Antonio
  • Jay Burns—Plastic surgeon Dallas, Texas, founder of The Prodigal ministry
  • Hal Habecker—former international director of Christian Medical and Dental Association, founder of Finishing Well Ministries
  • Ron Wilson—Baylor regent, Waco internist

Formation Series

            The Formation Series is the HRC's common conversation about what it means to be formed as a whole person by a Baylor education -- the fundamental commitment of our community. The Formation Series is one of the main ways our community comes together around the love of learning. Each Fall and Spring the HRC hosts a series of three public lectures. Previous subjects have included ‘God Matters’, ‘Friendship’, and ‘The Works of C.S. Lewis’. To earn Honors Units for participating, students must attend two events each term, and write a reflection essay on one of the events. Students may earn half an Honors Unit for one term, and a whole Honors Unit for both semesters. Taking part in a common conversation is an important component of any residential college and we hope you will join us this year as we learn and grow together.

Our topic this year is auctoritas, Latin for “influence." In these engaging presentations Formation lecturers will investigate the dynamic between moral formation and moral influence.

Honors Credit

Honors Program students can satisfy some of their program requirements via the HRC Formation Series.  To successfully earn an Honors Unit for participating in the Formation Series, students must attend two of the three Formation Series events each semester and write a critical reflection over one of the events each semester. ½ of an Honors Unit can be earned by fulfilling the requirements for one semester; a whole Unit can be earned by fulfilling the requirements for two semesters.

Critical Reflection Submission Process (download the instructions here):

1.Your reflection will be due a week following the date of the lecture.     

2.You must submit your reflection to;

*The formation series can count for an upper or lower level unit.

Discussion Club

            Looking for a source of healthy debate?  Just want to listen in on thoughtful conversation?  Discussion Club is held every Monday afternoon in the Memorial Drawing Room, and features student-led discussion on a wide-variety of relevant topics.  Past subjects have included ‘The Evolution of Humility as a Virtue’, ‘The Value of Fiction’, and ‘Healthcare as a Right or a Privilege’. 

Study Night

            What better way to cope with mid-week busyness than Tuesday Study Nights?  Students gather in Memorial Dining Hall each Tuesday night for free cereal, friends, and help with homework.