College Council

The Honors Residential College Council is an organized association of student leaders who seek to maximize the residential college experience by creating a sense of tradition, identity, and value within the HRC community.

Students on the 2009-10 College Council:

  • Paul Baumgardner
  • Boo Green
  • Rachel Moorman
  • Grant Shellhouse

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Who can be a part of the College Council?
    Who is on the Governing Board, and what are their responsibilities?
    How are members of the Governing Board elected?
    What committees are available for me to join?

    Who can be a part of the College Council?
    Any student residing in the Honors Residential College may be a part of the Council. All that is required is a willingness to serve and lead others. There are a variety of different roles that students can have, from being on the Governing Board as an officer or committee co-chair, to participating in one of the committees.

    Who is on the Governing Board, and what are their responsibilities?
    The President of the College Council, in addition to serving on the Board of Trustees, leads the meetings for the Governing Board, works with the other officers to create a yearly vision for the HRC, and acts as a liaison between the HRC and the rest of the Baylor community.

    The Vice President coordinates and handles all internal HRC affairs and acts as the direct report for the committee co-chairs.

    The Secretary/Treasurer is in charge of all accounting and finances for the annual College Council operating budget. The Faculty Master gives final approval for the operating budget. The Secretary/Treasurer will also record minutes of College Council meetings and will handle all correspondence.

    Each Honors Residential College Council Committee will have two co-chairs that serve on the Governing Board.

    Every fall semester, the Governing Board will create a vision and set goals for the academic year. The Governing Board will meet in open session every other week. Any member of the HRC is welcome to attend the meeting.

    Additionally, the Faculty Master will work directly with the President, Vice President, and the Secretary/Treasurer.

    How are members of the Governing Board elected?
    Every spring semester, elections will be conducted for the following academic year's President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer. It is intended that these officers be upper-division members of the HRC who will have already served on a committee, ideally as a committee chair. The process for electing these officers will take place over the course of several weeks, giving candidates the opportunity to declare their intention to run and explain their vision to the rest of the HRC by sharing their platforms. This process will culminate in an online election.

    At the beginning of the fall semester, committees will form, giving first-year students their first opportunity to be involved with the College Council. Each committee will elect two co-chairs to be their representatives on the Governing Board.

    What committees are available for me to join?
    The Ministry and Service Committee will work with the Resident Chaplain to promote student exploration of their faith and religious beliefs while providing opportunities for members of the HRC to serve in the community. This committee will be in charge of organizing chapel programs, such as daily prayer.

    The Academic Committee will promote learning among members of the HRC. They will work with the Faculty Master to capitalize on the learning potential provided by visitors to the HRC and arrange peer mentoring. They will organize the Common Reading for the HRC, help the Faculty Master with Master's Teas, and oversee the production of other academic projects.

    The Student Activities and Traditions Committee will be in charge of organizing and coordinating all intramural activities, as well as facilitating involvement in university-wide events and coordinating setup for lectures and other college events. They will be responsible for organizing social events and promoting involvement in the traditions of the HRC. This committee also will be in charge of keeping old traditions and creating new ones, and recording the history of the HRC.

    The Social Committee works closely with the leadership of the college to plan social events, including the annual spring garden party and formal.

    In keeping with the idea of the College Council being both organized and organic, these committees are just an outline for some of the services that the College Council may provide. As time goes on, these committees may need to be subdivided, or completely new committees may need to be formed, to ensure that the needs and interests of the HRC are being served. These committees will meet at their own need and discretion, probably sometime during the week between the Governing Board meeting. During that meeting, the committee co-chairs will report on the progress and ideas of their committee.

    Faculty members of the Board of Trustees may serve as advisors to one of the committees.