Members' Insights

Sam Chen, Alumni
Major: Philosophy and Political Science (Baylor Interdisciplinary Core & Honors Program)

    Chen, Sam"The Honors Residential College (HRC) gives you the unique experience of living your undergraduate life to its fullest. The HRC has a very unique atmosphere that blends both academics and social life together. This is the type of place where a discussion on Plato's Republic, for example, can turn into hours of fun, in which everybody grows mentally, socially, and spiritually.
    Obviously, the facilities in the HRC are incredible. We have the Alexander Reading Room and Memorial Drawing Room, which are both designed for studying but can, in a matter of minutes, be transformed into lecture halls, where we host world-class speakers every month.
    More than the facilities, however, are the people of the HRC. Faculty members have their offices in the HRC, and there are even faculty and staff who live with us. We have a faculty mentor, a residence hall director, and a chaplain who live in the HRC and interact with us on a daily level. Moreover, the professors here don't merely lecture. Instead, they engage students in conversation, be it in the classroom, over coffee at Starbucks, or over a meal at the professor's home. Being in the HRC allows students to have more of these interactions with their professors."

Heather Perry, Junior
Major: University Scholars with concentrations in Great Texts and Classics (Honors Program)

    Perry, Heather"Living in the Honors Residential College (HRC) means having the opportunity to interact within an amazing community that cannot be found anywhere else on campus. HRC members are focused on school, but there's always plenty of fun to be had, whether it's hanging out with friends in one of the common areas, playing Ultimate Frisbee on the lawn, or listening to someone playing the grand piano. Also, the HRC offers leadership opportunities, easy access to lectures, comfortable rooms, good food, and, without a doubt, the best community on campus."

Brock Scheller, Alumni
Major: University Scholars and Great Texts (Honors Program)

    Scheller, Brock"What can I even say? The Honors Residential College has been a tremendous part of my experience at Baylor thus far. I would not have had it any other way! Living in Alexander Hall my freshman year brought me into a dynamic community of both freshman, who grew to be good friends, and upperclassmen, who were strong positive influences. If it weren't for the many good times and good talks I've had with the upperclassmen of Alexander, I would have missed out on the priceless perspective of people who had successfully made it through their freshman year. I'd have learned maybe half of what I now know were it not for them and their passion to share their valuable perspective on the big questions. You can always find a place to fit into this vibrant community, and it is one of the greatest parts of college to really connect in a deep way with people like you never have before. Plus, you can always get and give help with homework, and who doesn't want that? I had such a great time, I returned for my sophomore year! And, I'm coming back again next year..."