Prayer & Service


Memorial Chapel

Faith undergirds all that we do in the HRC, and our prayer services are the hallmark of the HRC's Christian commitment. A unique aspect of life in the HRC is our devotion to prayer and to service. The Memorial Chapel, which was restored and dedicated thanks to the contributions of Ted & Sue Getterman and Bill & Mary Jo Robbins, is the site of daily prayer, mornings (Monday-Friday) and evenings (Monday-Thursday). Beginning Fall 2013, the HRC began offering chapel credit for any students living in our community who would like to attend HRC Prayer Services instead of Baylor Chapel. The prayer services offer students a chance to pause amidst the busyness and spend time devoting themselves to God. For those interested in enrolling in HRC alternative chapel, please contact

The Spiritual Growth & Service Committee puts on regular opportunities for its members to devote themselves to serving others in the HRC, Baylor, and Waco.

  • Weekly Service with Restoration Haven - Every week, a group of students from the HRC travel to the Estella Maxey Housing Complex to serve Restoration Haven, a program designed to partner underprivileged students from the Waco area with college students who can mentor and tutor them.
  • HRC Mission Trip in the Northern Triangle - The Honors Residential College has partnered with Orphan's Heart in Guatemala to serve and conduct research in Central America's Northern Triangle (El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala).  HRC students have the opportunity to participate in this incredible mission over spring break each year.

  • Hall Prayer - Every Sunday evening, students in each hall gather together to pray with their neighbors. Hall prayer is a great way to develop friendships and foster worship.

  • Sunday Night of Worship - Once a month, HRC students gather in Memorial Chapel for Sunday Night of Worship (affectionately known as SNOW).  Student musicians lead the group in both contemporary and traditional worship songs.

  • Lessons & Carols - Each December, students form a small orchestra and choir, and perform the traditional “Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols” celebrated in the intimate Memorial chapel.