Employment for Undergraduate Student Workers and Graduate Students

March 12, 2020

Human Resources with Student Employment and the Graduate School are reaching out to clarify questions that we have received regarding the continuation of student employment on campus.

Outside of academic course delivery, Baylor’s campus operations continue as usual, and undergraduate student workers and graduate students have an opportunity to work, if they so desire and are symptom-free of COVID-19. With that in mind, there are several departments that rely on student workers and graduate assistants for day-to-day operations. We ask that managers continue to make their best efforts to communicate with all affected parties and make determinations about the potential impact on work processes during this time of unprecedented change and adjustment.

To assist in these communications with your student workers and assess your need for Student Employees over this period of time, please evaluate needs through the questions below:

  • How many students do you project you will need to support your department from now through April 3rd compared to normal periods of time and volume?
  • Ask for the student’s plans during the extended Spring Break and two-week on-line instruction period. Do these students intend to return to campus?
  • Do you have opportunity for remote work for Student Employees?

Students who return to work or are allowed to work remotely with the approval of their manager and department will clock hours in BearWeb as normal. As a change from prior FAQ’s, students will not be paid for hours not worked. Please see specific FAQ’s for student employees.

During the extended Spring Break and two-week on-line instruction period, if a student is sick or has been advised by a health care professional not to return to work and is receiving Federal Work Study, please contact Student Employment to discuss the specific situation further.

We also ask that, should any student show signs or symptoms of any illness, that student should leave campus immediately and seek treatment from a healthcare professional.

Symptoms include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

For additional information regarding COVID-19 and symptoms associated with this virus, please visit the CDC’s website:


For questions or concerns, please contact Student Employment at Student_Employment@baylor.edu or 254-710-4100.

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