Learning & Leadership in September

August 28, 2018
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Active Shooter 

 Advising the Student Athlete 

 Banner 9 - Orientation and Navigation Training 

 Contract Basics 

 Crucial Accountability 

 Fire Extinguisher Training 

 Leading a Feedback Culture at Baylor with Sheila Heen 

 Moving to Management 

 One on Ones: The 1% Leadership Solution 

 Personal Preparedness Training 

 Self-Awareness: A Christian Perspective 

 Stop the Bleed 

 The Enneagram: A Tool for Compassion 

 Total Contract Manager: Submitting Contract Requests in Baylor’s online Contract Management Solution 

 TRAX (PeopleSoft) Adjustments and Budget Change Requests 

 TRAX (PeopleSoft) Financial System - Intro/Navigation/Budgets 

 TRAX (PeopleSoft) Reporting 

 TRAX (PeopleSoft) Vouchers & Requisitions 

 Vision & Execution 

 Working in the CMS 
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