Andrew Maddox

2020 Distinguished Staff Leader Award Winner

Director of Digital Marketing Development for Electronic Communications in Marketing & Communications
10 Years of Service at Baylor

Andrew exemplifies being a distinguished leader at Baylor for many reasons. He invests a considerable amount of time developing the skills of his web team by providing instructions on using emerging tools and resources for web development as well as creating a work environment that encourages learning. He manages thousands of websites for the University that reach users world-wide. There is not a University-managed, digital communication vehicle or aspect of the Baylor mission that does not bear Andrew’s work. More recently he has been tasked with transitioning these sites to a new content management system (Drupal) which as you can probably imagine is no small feat. His ability to confidently and kindly lead his team as well as campus partners through this transition is commendable.

One colleague said in their nomination, “Technology is always changing, and I know that whatever changes come, Andrew will be there to ensure his team understands and is ready to handle them.”

Thank you, Andrew, for being a Baylor distinguished leader.