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The 2021-22 Staff Performance Review and Merit process begins March 1, 2022. This process reviews your employees work from March 1, 2-21 – February 28, 2022. As a manager, you support excellence for your team by setting clear expectations and providing valuable feedback. Here are a few things to know to help ensure a successful review process.

2021-22 Staff Performance - Who Participates?

Performance Appraisal Required Performance Appraisal Optional (and on request)
Full-Time and Part-Time Staff hired before November 1, 2021 Full-Time and Part-Time Staff hired after November 1, 2021
Full-Time Temporary Staff at Baylor more than two years (hired before March 1, 2020) Full-Time Temporary Staff at Baylor less than two years (hired after March 1, 2020); OR Part-Time Temporary Staff

If you have employees who are not required to participate but would like to, please contact Human Resources to have them set up in Ignite.

Preparing for the 2021-22 Staff Performance Review

You can begin communications with your team immediately, using the tools and resources below:

  1. Use the 2021-22 Performance Review Slideshow to introduce the review process at your next team meeting.
  2. Reinforce importance of deadlines. Deadlines are firm; and Staff employees must complete their self-assessments in the IGNITE system no later than March 21, 2022.
  3. You do not need to wait until March 21 to begin completing your employees’ performance reviews. You can begin entering your reviews in Ignite as soon as they have completed their self-evaluations. Additionally, if you would like to begin drafting your reviews before then, you can use this Performance Review Template to help organize your thoughts prior to entering your review in Ignite.
  4. Set aside time on your calendar now to complete your own self-assessment and to work on reviews for your team. Also, schedule performance conversations now to limit potential scheduling conflicts.
  5. Register for manager training in IGNITE for "Writing and Discussing Staff Performance Evaluations" - a two-hour course designed to help managers write meaningful reviews and have effective conversations.
  6. Reach out to your HR partners for assistance at any point.

Goalsetting for 2022

During the performance review process, it’s a good idea to help your employees start thinking about and planning for goals in the coming year. You and your employees can use this Goal Tracking Template to help think through and plan goals. At the end of the performance review process staff will be able to enter their new goals in Ignite. More information and instructions will be provided.

Additional Levels of Review

For the Staff Performance Review Process, 2nd level manager reviews are not required nor are they system facilitated. However, there may be circumstances where you can and should seek out a second review of an employee's assessment. The following are considered appropriate circumstances to have a 2nd level manager review:

  • Your employee is a high performer who may be ready for increased responsibilities or consideration for promotion.
  • Your employee’s self-assessment and your assessment differ significantly.
  • Your employee is currently in a corrective action process or is about to enter a corrective action process.
  • There is a history of difficult communication dynamics between parties.
  • You are including information in the review that could be a surprise to the employee.

If any of the above conditions exist, you should reach out to your manager and your HRC for additional input and support.

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