Exempt Employee Leave Time Tracking Info

Beginning January 1, 2020, Baylor's updated leave policies went into effect. In order to assist the University in collecting exempt employee leave balances data for our new Ignite system which will go live June 2020, exempt employees will need to transfer their leave balances from December 2019 to our new Exempt Employee Leave Time Tracker. Each month, these forms will need to be submitted to your Leave Coordinator who may have additional internal instructions for submitting forms to them. Bi-weekly (non-exempt) employees will continue to manage their paid leave time in BearWeb.

Please keep in mind that the Leave Coordinator may not be the same person who approves requests for time off. They are an individual who was selected to help gather paid leave balances in University areas for our transition to the new Ignite system.

  1. Access the online Exempt Employee Leave Time Tracker.
  2. On Tab 1 of the spreadsheet, enter your personal information in the yellow boxes with the information you received to your Baylor email account from Enter your leave balances in the yellow boxes with your recorded balances from December 2019. (See image below).
    • What is an Adjusted Service Date? This is the date Baylor employees begin accruing leave time. For most, this will be your hire date with Baylor. This date also captures any prior service you may have with Baylor, excluding federal work study as a student.
    Tab 1 Exempt Employee Leave Time Tracker

  3. On Tab 2 of the spreadsheet, in the yellow boxes enter any Vacation or Sick Time you used during the month for which you are reporting. DO NOT enter negative numbers. (See image below).
  4. Tab 2 Exempt Employee Leave Time Tracker

  5. If you have been approved for Paid Parental or Paid Caregiver Leave, you will need to complete Tab 3 by entering any time used in the yellow boxes. DO NOT enter negative numbers. (See image below).
  6. Tab 3 Exempt Employee Leave Time Tracker

  7. Once you have entered these fields, you will notice that the spreadsheet will automatically update in several areas.
  8. This updated spreadsheet is the one you will submit at the end of the month per instructions from your Leave Coordinator.

Exempt employees should continue to follow normal procedures with their supervisor for requesting time off and submitting a Monthly Absence Record for Exempt Employees to their supervisor each month for their records. Please refer to the Baylor Leave Time Policies below for additional information.

Baylor Leave Time Policies

If you have any questions regarding the Exempt Employee Leave Time Tracking Process or any Baylor Leave Time Policies, please contact Baylor Human Resources by emailing