2020 Leave Policy Changes


Effective January 1, 2020. Baylor has revised its leave policies to better support the needs of Eligible Employees. These revisions provide more immediate access to paid leave time, create new leave options, and offer greater assurance of paid leave being available.

The new policies and FAQs detail information on new benefit options that include:

  • increased accrual amounts for Vacation Time (see chart)
  • increased Maximum Accrual Balances to provide more flexibility in using time
  • an increase of up to 6 weeks of Paid Parental Leave for those welcoming a new child into their home
  • the addition of up to 4 weeks of Paid Caregiver Leave to be used for serious health conditions, maternity/prenatal and military related exigency
  • elimination of the waiting period to access accrued Vacation or Sick Time
  • replacement of Shared Sick Leave and Personal Time policies with new leave options as outlined above

Leave Policy Changes FAQs

The Leave Policy Changes FAQs provide a quick reference to help clarify some of the main questions regarding Leave Time Policies at Baylor. Please refer to the policy documents for detailed information. If you have additional questions after reading the policies and FAQs, please email askHR@baylor.edu.

For additional information, please view the 2020 Leave Policy Changes video below.

Leave Time Policies

Below read Baylor's Leave Time Policies which will be effective January 1, 2020.

To view a list of Baylor's 2020 current policies, please visit the University Compliance & Risk Services Policies Webpage to read policies in their entirety.

Additional Leave Resources

If you have additional questions about the 2020 Leave Policy Changes, please contact Baylor Human Resources by emailing askHR@baylor.edu.