Retiring from Baylor

As a future Baylor retiree, you are one of the University’s most valued resources. Having devoted your career and dedicated your gifts to the mission of the University, we celebrate your contributions, and are grateful for your service.

So when it comes time for you to retire, we not only want to help you remain a cherished, active member of the Baylor family—we work to make the transition as informative, helpful and smooth as possible. So:

    We start early, helping you understand your retirement options, and the benefits for which you will soon qualify.
    We stay focused, keeping you up to date on all the forms, choices, decisions and deadlines required to smoothly guide you through the transition.
    And we remain connected, helping you continue to exercise and enjoy your many benefits as a “Bear for Life.”

So whether you are retiring faculty or administration, work in a school or college, law enforcement or financial services, or serve the University through medical, IT, or business—or in any of the hundreds of critical jobs that contribute to Baylor’s mission—there are things you need to know, decisions you need to make, and steps you need to take prior to beginning your new journey.

Prepare to Plan

Whether you intend to retire in 20 years or 20 days, you should start planning today. Below are resources to help guide your decision-making.

Quick Facts about Retirement

  • You must reach 55 years of age to be eligible for retirement at Baylor University
  • Benefits and retiree classification are determined by years of service at the University
  • Time spent as a temporary employee is not considered

Resources-Retirement Planning