Staff Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions are important communication tools between a manager and prospective/current employees, ensuring that individuals understand what is expected in the work performance. They serve to clarify and balance responsibilities within a department, as well as to inform the training needs for a particular position. Additionally, they are utilized in the hiring process to help managers define the job and assess candidate qualifications. The information contained in a job description satisfy compliance with federal and state laws and regulation.

Since jobs are assigned to pay bands based on their content, role and responsibilities, it is important that job descriptions be current, accurate and complete. Job descriptions describe the essential functions of a job and are used for a number of important purposes, including benchmarking, internal equity, performance appraisals, recruiting and dispute resolutions. All job descriptions must be written in the Baylor University format. Staff are encouraged to review their job descriptions annually as part of the performance evaluation process and should work with their supervisor and Human Resources to make revisions and updates as needed.

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