Enjoying Your Retirement

What Baylor benefits do retirees have access to?

To assist in the enjoyment of your retirement, the My Retiree Benefits link below gives an overview of what Baylor University has to offer retirees. These and other benefit advantages provide convenient opportunities for the wellbeing of Baylor retirees and their family.

My Retiree Benefits

Technology Benefits for Retirees

Surviving Spouse Benefits

How do I update my address or beneficiaries?

Email askHR@baylor.edu or call 254.710.2000 to update your address on file.

Please contact Baylor Human Resources by emailing askHR@baylor.edu and providing the following information in order to update your beneficiaries.

  • Legal name of each beneficiary
  • Is the beneficiary primary or secondary?
  • Percent allocation for each beneficiary
  • Last 4-digits of SSN for each beneficiary
  • Preferred phone number for each beneficiary
  • Preferred email address for each beneficiary

How can I stay connected to the University?

Retired Professors & Administrators Program

Baylor University is made up of incredible faculty, staff and administrators whose service significantly advances the institution's mission. The Retired Professors and Administrators Program honors the legacy of these talented and committed men and women and provides a way for them to stay connected to their Baylor roots.

Annual Campus Events

Baylor Retirees are encouraged to attend the many offerings of annual campus events as well as support Baylor Athletics sporting events, School of Music concerts, and Theatre Arts productions.

Ways to Give

We invite you to partner in furthering the mission of Baylor University by giving back to the area of your passion. Every gift, no matter the size, combines to make a difference in students' lives.

Continuing Education

Baylor Continuing Education seeks to further the University's commitment to transformational education by providing lifelong personal enrichment and professional development opportunities. Together we are cultivating a habit and a hunger for learning in our communities.

What Retiree insurance options are available?

The university partners with Via Benefits for medical, Cigna for dental, EyeMed for vision, and Blue Cross Blue Shield for life insurance. Visit the website below to see what options are available for retirees.

Retiree Insurance Details

How do I get reimbursed from the Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)?

You can find detailed information and instructions on HRA forms and processes at the webpage below.

Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) webpage

Where can I find more information on Medicare?

It's best to get your Medicare information straight from the source. We encourage those eligible for Medicare to visit the official Medicare website below.


To enroll in Medicare, you will contact the Social Security Administration at ssa.gov/onlineservices or by calling 866.964.6304.

Where can I find more Information on Social Security?

We encourage those eligible for Social Security to contact the Social Security Administration Office for your area AND to visit the official Social Security website below.

United States Social Security government website

How do my beneficiaries report a life insurance claim?

Beneficiaries will report a life insurance claim directly to Baylor University Human Resources by calling 254.710.2000 or emailing askHR@baylor.edu.

Who can help me with questions as a retiree?

Please contact Baylor Human Resources by calling 254.710.2000 or emailing askHR@baylor.edu.