Corrective Action

Corrective action is the process of communicating with an employee that their work or conduct does not meet expectations, the need for improvement, and an explanation of and guidance towards the expected performance or behavior. This step is taken when initial coaching efforts and regular feedback prove unsuccessful in soliciting improvement. The disciplinary policy is designed to be positive and corrective, and the procedure is intended to be fair and consistent.

Concerns with an employee’s work or conduct should be brought to their HR Consultant (HRC). The HRC will partner with the manager to understand all the factors which may be influencing the situation and help identify the most effective course of action.

For more information, contact your HR Consultant.

Related Policies:

Note: If an employee receives a Partially Meets or Does Not Meet Expectations rating on their performance appraisal, then the HR Consultant will be notified and a Performance Improvement Plan will be initiated.