Course Creation

Learning opportunities for employee development are designed by departments, on-campus content experts, and Human Resources. If you are interested in developing a course for employee learning or adding a session of an established course, please complete the appropriate form below.

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Course Creation & Instructions

If you are creating a new course/learning unit that has never been offered or that is a significantly new version of a previous course, submit the course using the form below:

  • Course Creation Form
  • Title

    If you are submitting an established course, please use the title previously used in BaylorCompass.


    Sessions are an instance of a learning unit that takes place at a fixed time. In most cases, each instance of a class will be a separate session. If the same session spans over multiple times/days, then add that information to the Notes section and we will contact you to discuss options further.


    Professional development is designed to develop employee competencies. Each learning unit should support development of a competency. For a list of competency options, click here: BaylorCompass Competency Library.


    Enter any keywords that employees may use to search for the learning unit content.

    Description & Purpose

    All courses should include a Description and a Purpose.

    The Description provides an explanation of the who, what, and why - who should take the course, what will be covered, and why someone would want/need to take it. 

    The Purpose provides the learning objectives or outcomes the learner can expect from taking the course. For more information and guidance on creating these, click here: BaylorCompass Description & Purpose.


    Resoures can be files or weblinks that attach to the learning unit and are accessible by participants. This could be a handout, pre-work to review, an assessment, or a related website. Be sure to include a title for the resource, an explanation of what it is, and instructions for the participants.


    Each session must have a Baylor employee assigned as an instructor for the session. If other employees need access to the student list for the session, they may be listed as an instructor, as well, which will provide for this access.
    Other InstructorsOutside presenters may be lised in this field. These must be in addition to a Baylor employee listed in the Instructors field.

    If the session is to be held in Robinson Tower 200, then complete this section of the form. 

    Notes: Use the Notes section for any additional information you would like to communicate. If your learning unit should be available to a select audience or if it includes the option to purchase a lunch, please note it here and you will be contacted to discuss it further. 

    Add a Session

    If you are providing additional/new sessions of an established course, please complete the form below:

  • Add a Sesion Form