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  • Where can employees find the BaylorCompass URL?

BaylorCompass can be found at You can also find it from the faculty and staff webpage ( under the Training & Development tab, or from the HR webpage under Learning & Leadership.

  • How do I set up a bookmark to the BaylorCompass page?

Go to Bookmark BaylorCompass after logging in, and rename your bookmark/favorite so you'll remember it.

  • What if my Profile information looks incorrect?

If your Profile information needs to be updated, please call askHR at 254-710-2000 or email with the correct information.

NOTE: When a position is vacant, that position's employees may see their Department Head listed as their 'Manager' in their BaylorCompass Profile. When both Supervisor and Department Head for an employee are vacant positions, the employee will not see a name for 'Manager' in BaylorCompass.

  • What do the other tabs (My Employees, Reports) mean?

The My Employees tab provides managers with a list of employees, including temporary exempt (monthly paid), for which they are the direct manager. Some additional information on this tab includes access to employees supervised by your direct managers and on down your reporting line. The goals, development plans, and evaluations information available for each employee is additional functionality planned for release later this year.

  • Why can't I see the My Employees or Reports tabs?

Only managers have access to the My Employees and Reports tabs. If you have direct reports and are not able to see the My Employees tab, please contact Human Resources at

  • What if I see an employee listed under My Employees that does not report to me?

The information regarding an employee's reporting structure comes from our HR system. Occasionally there will be a delay in information being entered and fed from the HR system to BaylorCompass. If you see an employee that you believe should not be in your employee list, please contact Human Resources at

  • Can students, temporary staff and auxiliaries sign up for courses in BaylorCompass?

BaylorCompass is available to faculty and staff, including temporary exempt (monthly-paid) employees, at this time.

  • How do I enroll in a course?

-Click the 'Learning Library' tab at the top of your welcome screen.
-In the search bar on the left, search by course title, description, keyword, etc.; or limit your search using the Advanced Search options (click 'Advanced Search' on the right side of the screen). Alternately, you can view learning opportunities via the 'Learning Calendar', located above the Advanced Search button.
-Hover your mouse over a course title in the list to view the description; click a course title to learn more and to register.
-Inside a selected course, click the 'Enroll' button at the top right to register; in the drop-down that opens, choose whether to pick a course session time now, or to pick a session later.
-Inside 'pick a session now,' view details of an available session by clicking on that session in the list.
-To register for a session, click the 'Enroll' button to the right of your preferred session; then click 'OK' inside the session detail.
-To show the entire list of learning elements and clear your advanced search options (if applied), click Show All.

  • What if I don't see the course I'm looking for in BaylorCompass?

We suggest using the keyword search or advanced search options. Keep in mind that we are continuing to added courses regularly, so you may want to check back often. In the meantime, you may wish to contact and we can pass your request along to the appropriate course manager for consideration.

  • How do I sign up for Canvas courses?

Registration for Canvas courses are completed through the Canvas system and can be accessed here.

  • How do I see the courses I have completed?

-Go to the 'My Performance' tab
-Click on the 'Development Plans' tab
-Select the 'Learning Activities' tab or the 'Transcripts tab.'

  • What is external learning and what is it used for?

External learning is a one-time learning event, such as a seminar or conference, that was completed outside of the BaylorCompass system and that you want recorded in your Learning Activities.

  • How do I add external learning?

-Inside the 'Learning Library,' click 'Add External Learning' at the top-left of the screen.
-Enter the 'External Learning Title' of your completed learning.
-Enter the start and end dates of your completed external learning.
-Enter a 'Description' that will help you and your supervisor remember what your external learning was about, where or how it was offered, etc.
-Enter a 'Purpose' that describes the knowledge or skills you learned or developed during your external learning.
-Click 'OK' at the bottom of the pop-up window.
-Your Supervisor must approve your External Learning Request before it is added to your 'Learning Activities.'

Supervisors, you should:
-Find and click the 'Approve Learning Requests' link in the My Tasks pane in your 'Home' tab.
-Click the title of the requested learning under the 'Learning Unit' column to read the details entered by your employee; click the black (not red) 'X' in the upper right corner to exit the description.
-Click the check-box beside the name of the employee requesting external learning.
-Click either the 'Approve...' button or the 'Deny...' button at the top right of your screen; IF denying the request, a note of explanation is required.
-Click 'OK' at the bottom of the pop-up window.

  • I would like to offer a training course; how do I get it added to BaylorCompass?

Complete the Learning Unit/Session Request Form located here and return it to

  • Is there a list of training rooms on campus?

Some commonly used training rooms:
Draper 200
ITS-Seminar 102
ITS-Seminar 103
Jones Library 105    
Jones Library 200
Jones Library 206
Jones Library - Creekmore
Moody Library G42    
Robinson Tower 200
Robinson Tower 451
Robinson Tower 655

NOTE: If you are scheduling a course, you will need to reserve the room through Outlook or by contacting the room manager. BaylorCompass does not automatically reserve the room when we set up the course.

  • The system did not record my completion!

After logging in to BaylorCompass:
-Click on the blue "play" button to re-launch the course.
-Click 'Review.'
-Make sure that your pop-window is enlarged so that you can see the 'EXIT' option in the top-right hand corner.
-Click on 'Exit' and choose 'Yes.'
This should trigger the system to mark your course completed.

  • When I launch the course, the pop-up window opens, the loading image appears and then the screen goes blank.

It can take the course some time to appear in the window. Please leave it up for a minute or two and then check back. For instructions to enable pop-up windows, please visit the ITS page. 

  • The course froze and/or booted me out!

Excessive traffic in the system can cause these issues. Try the steps below and/or wait a day or two and return:
-Log in to BaylorCompass.
-Click on the blue "play" button to re-launch the course.
-The course should open at the screen you left. If so, open the window to full screen and click on the 'Next' button in the bottom-right corner.
-If the course opens to a previous screen, click on Menu in the top right corner of the window. Choose the last 'Completed section.' Once there, click 'Next' in the bottom-right corner to proceed.

  • I read the Title IX policy and now I can’t move on in the training!

The Title IX policy opens in a separate browser window. Please follow the steps below to return to your place in the training:
-Check the browser icons on your taskbar.
-If there is another browser window open, click on it to see if the Title IX - Bridges course is still open.
-If so, type your name in the acknowledgement box.
-Click 'Next' to proceed to the remainder of the course.

If the course is no longer open in a browser window:
-Log in to BaylorCompass.
-Click on the blue "play" button to re-launch the course.
-The course should open at the screen you left. If so, open the window to full screen and click on the 'Next' button in the bottom-right corner.
-If the course opens to a previous screen, click on Menu in the top right corner of the window. Choose the last 'Completed section.' Once there, click 'Next' in the bottom-right corner to proceed.

  • Can a manager have another person; i.e., office manager or assistant to, complete the manager’s portion of the appraisal form?

It is the responsibility of the manager to complete the appraisal document. However, the office manager or assistant to may secure feedback or other information outside the system to include in the manager’s comments.

  • If I need to make changes to my review after I have completed and released the document, how do I do that?

Clicking Complete locks your response areas and sends the form to your manager. Once you click Complete, you no longer have access to edit the document. However, your manager can add a comment for the requested edit, but cannot make the change in your submitted document.

  • Who can see annotations? Who can add annotations?

Annotations are available only for the direct manager to review. They are not recorded in the final document and are not viewable by the employee. Think of annotations are post-it notes for the reviewer and manager. The reviewer (second level manager or another individual assigned to review) can add annotations, but cannot edit the content. 

Note: If you want to add annotations for the reviewer of the form, click the Add Annotation icon to add them.

  • What happens if you do not add goals on the appraisal form?

Please see below information specific to your role as employee or manager. 

For the Employee: The employee’s response in the Goals section of the appraisal provides the manager with an opportunity to review and approve the goals the employee has written. 

For the Manager: As a manager, you must input information into the Goals section of the appraisal for it to feed into the Goals tab of the employee’s performance area in BaylorCompass for the purpose of tracking progress throughout the year.
NOTE: Instructions on how to use the Goals tab in BaylorCompass to track goals outside the appraisal process will be available this summer.

  • Can past appraisal documents be uploaded to the system?

Due to limited space in the system, we are not uploading past appraisals to the system. If an employee or manager would like to share past appraisals, we would encourage emailing the document directly to the other party.

  • Will paper copies be accepted?

All performance appraisals will be completed and submitted in the BaylorCompass system. You may print a copy of the completed document if you wish. Please note a PDF of the document is housed in the employee’s My Performance > Evaluations section of BaylorCompass.

  • What if a hiring manager wants to review an appraisal for an employee who has applied to an open position in their department?

Please send email request to providing the name and vacancy number for the posted position.

  • Can an employee who is not a manager attend the managers’ training workshop?

Non-managers will only have access to enroll for employee workshops. As a non-manager, you do not have access to register for the manager workshop.

  • What if a department wants to complete a review on an employee who is not in the review process; as such, does not have a task to complete a review?

Human Resources can add the individual. To do so, we will need the name and department of both the employee and manager.

  • How can I see the status of my own appraisal in the system?

On your Home screen under the 'My Tasks' list, beside the header for 'My Evaluation: Staff Appraisal Process,' click the blue 'Status' link. A window will open that lists all the steps through which your appraisal must pass, and the status icons beside each step will indicate where your appraisal is currently sitting in the process. For example, if you see a hollow yellow circle beside the step for 'Manager writes employee appraisal,' this indicates that your manager currently has your appraisal and is responsible for completing the current step. Green checkmarks indicate steps that have been completed, a solid yellow circle indicates a currently active step for which you are responsible, and a solid yellow circle indicates that the currently active step must be completed by someone else in the process.