Standing Study - Do you need a standing desk?

If so, we need your help with a research study! Researchers in the HHPR Department and the School of Business want to learn more about the health profiles, energy expenditure, and productivity levels of people who stand at work. In order to participate, you must:

  • Have a sedentary job (requires sitting for 6 hours or more per day)
  • Be able to walk
  • Not have a medical condition that restricts your ability to stand for a portion of the day
  • Not be pregnant
  • Not currently have a standing or sit-stand workstation
  • Be between the ages of 20-65.

If selected to participate, you will receive a FREE standing desk to use for 6 months either at the beginning of the study, or 6 months later after your initial lab visit. Your involvement will also require visiting the BLEST lab in MMG and wearing a small accelerometer for one week at the beginning and end of 6 months and completing a few surveys.

To sign up for the study or for more information, please contact:, call 710-3243, or click here

Information about Standing Desks

The facts are in: research has found that A) too much sitting or sitting too long is associated with numerous preventable health problems, and B) standing and/or moving more is proven to improve health and productivity!

Many Baylor faculty and staff are enthusiastically sitting less and standing more at work. This site is designed to inform faculty and staff about the dangers of excessive sitting and to provide simple and creative ways to take one’s level of physical activity to new heights.

Standing-Only Work Station Options

Depending on personal or department budgets and resources, there are many options to create your own standing work station from $0 to over $500. Please do not allow yourself to use budget constraints from pursuing a standing work station now! Be resourceful! Please do take into account ergonomics and office presentation (in the more public office spaces).

  • Server box from ITS: Contact ($0)
  • An extra coffee table from work currently not in use or from home ($0)
  • Inexpensive coffee table from Wal-Mart ($20 range)
  • Home-made table (Cost of lumber, materials)
  • Custom-made station by Total Office Solutions ($200)

Adjustable Work Station Options (sit or stand)

Ergonomic Review of your Standing Station

If you need assistance to ensure safety and proper ergonomics of your standing station, contact For more information, click here

Tips on Standing

When adjusting to standing more regularly or all day as do some people, the following have been found helpful:

  • Anti-Fatigue Pad - can range from $0 to about $100 depending on your budget:
  • VariDesk offers a $50 mat deal. See this link.
  • Check for 'factory second' gel mats (for example: here). Color and size may affect pricing.
  • Shoes - remove or have a comfortable, alternate pair
  • Sitting - take sitting breaks and/or replace your office chair with an exercise/fitness ball to engage the core when you do sit.
  • Standing all day may not be recommended or necessary. Do what works best for you, but keep moving!
  • Baylor’s wellness culture - it’s permissible for individuals to stand during meetings!
    • Walking or standing meetings are encouraged. Research shows that standing meetings are more productive and shorter!
    • Help those wishing to stand more feel accepted and encouraged to do so. Example for Outlook Invite tagline: “This is a Stander Friendly Meeting."

Sitting Work Station - Just Stand More!

Use your phone or a phone app as a reminder to stand up and walk around frequently during the day. Be conscious of the duration of sitting time. Make it a point to stand up and walk around each hour.

Standing as part of "My OSO Fit" activity: Up to $120 of Incentives Per Year!

If you stand at least 8 hours per week, you may apply this to meet one of your two required physical activity days toward your "My OSO Fit" program and qualify for a wellness bonus of $40 in each fall, spring and summer.

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