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Quick Facts about SmartBen™

What is SmartBen™?

SmartBen™ is Baylor’s online benefits enrollment system.

How do I access SmartBen™?

Faculty and staff can access SmartBen™ with their Bear ID and password on any device with an internet connection through 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Benefits of the SmartBen™ System

  • View your benefit information at your convenience
  • Get a more holistic picture of your total income through easy-to-understand graphics
  • Choose benefit elections using the integrated calculators in the system

Reasons to use SmartBen™ outside of Open Enrollment:

  • You are a New Hire
  • You experience a Life Event

Enrollment Tips


If you have any RED Lights in SmartBen, you will need to turn those lights GREEN, by either electing or waiving coverage for that benefit option.


You will not be finished electing your benefits until you reach the "CONGRATULATIONS" page.


Click here to view more FAQs about the SmartBen system.

Video Tutorials

SmartBen Login Tutorial
Completing and Confirming your SmartBen Enrollment
HDHP Enrollment
PPO Enrollment
Dental Enrollment