Employee Professional Development Plan

As a manager, you are in a strategic position to support employees in their own professional development. The individual development plan is used in BaylorCompass to set goals and plan for learning and development. 

Steps to Follow
  1. Following the performance feedback process and/or decisions on employee goals, discuss with the employee to Identify two strengths and two areas for improvement.  The following tools can be utilized to help identify which behaviors, skills, and knowledge one should address.
    •   Professional Development Toolkit
    •   Character Map
    •   Manager Assessment
    •   Performance Feedback Preparation Document

  2. Recommend they utilize the Learning & Development Commitment Chart to select three options that address strengths and areas for improvement.
    Discuss when the employee will start and finish those options activities.  

  3. Assist your employee to identify experiences, mentors, and colleagues to support their development.
    Provide feedback and offer assistance as they track their progress.

  4. After the employee completes their plan, discuss the progress made.

Resources- Professional Development Plan