Transition & Exit

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Transition to New Department

  1. Give administrator access on your computer to department representative.
  2. Copy any personal computer files to Box or a flash drive and delete from computer.
  3. Gather any personal files or items and remove from desk/office.
  4. Leave computer and other departmental materials in previous department.
  5. Return any departmental keys to the Key Shop and pick up your new keys.
  6. The previous and new departments will coordinate provision/removal of appropriate access to systems, offices, etc.

Exiting the University

Faculty Exit Guide
Staff Exit Guide
Exit Interview: Items to Bring
  • Separation Processing Form - Section C will be completed with HR
  • Technology Access Form
  • Letter of Resignation (copy)
  • Baylor ID card (and spouse card, if applicable)
      NOTE: Baylor Retirees will be issued new retiree ID card(s). In the interim, you may retain the current card(s).
  • Receipt from keys (turn these into the Key Shop prior to Exit appointment)
  • Purchasing/travel cards
  • Name tags/badges
  • Cellular phone and/or laptops
  • Other university property not previously returned to your department

Human Resources is located on the 2nd floor, Suite 200, in the Clifton Robinson Tower.

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