Staff Performance Feedback Process

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Preparing for Performance Process

Use this Word document as a tool to start composing your thoughts for this year. Keep in mind that your final responses will need to be entered into the online version of the form in BaylorCompass once it becomes available.

View our online course that can help with preparation and understanding of the Feedback Form.

Review your goals from the past year. Were they achieved? Delayed? Changed? What contributions did you make to each and what were the challenges of each?
Consider other comments you would like to include. Share successes and any special projects not included in the goals above.
Looking back on the past year, how do you view the work you did and the way in which you accomplished your work in relation to the Core Commitments?
Provide 3-5 goals for your work for the future year.

These may include projects related to the department or University, they can be professional development goals, or other work-related objectives. Include specifics such as the steps necessary to achieve your goals, how they further strategic objectives, and how they relate to the Baylor’s Core Competencies.

Use the SMART Goal model to define your goals.

Performance Process Timeline

The annual process takes place in the spring with a review of the past year and plans for the upcoming year.

Due dates for steps in the process are scheduled and will be posted in the Resources below. Steps may be completed ahead of the due date.

Departments may have internal timelines, so check with your department head.

Performance Process Steps to Follow

  1. Employee completes feedback form
  2. Manager completes feedback form
  3. Second-level manager reviews form
  4. Employee and manager discuss feedback and manager signs off
  5. Employee signs off

Step 1: Employee Completes Parts One & Two of Performance Feedback Form

  • Under My Tasks on the Home page, click on 'Write your performance feedback'
  • Complete Part One: The Past Year and Part Two: The Future Year
    • You may Save your work and return to it multiple times.
  • Once finished, you must click on 'Complete'.
    • Note: Clicking 'Complete' locks your response areas and sends the form to your manager. Once you click 'Complete', you no longer have access to edit the document.
  • The form is sent to your manager through BaylorCompass for their comments. Once your manager completes their portions of the form and the Second-Level Manager reviews it, then your manager will schedule a meeting with you for feedback discussion.

Step 2: Manager Completes Performance Feedback Form

  • Under My Tasks, Complete 'performance feedback for your direct reports' Task Status screen
    • This tab shows tasks in the performance appraisal process so that you can track your employees’ appraisal through the process
    • The highlighted section shows the current status and the blue-text shows the sections that require action from you.
  • Click on 'Edit Appraisal'
  • Complete the 'Performance Feedback Form'
    • You may save your work and return to it multiple times
  • Part 1: The Past Year
    • Review the employee’s contributions and challenges to their goals
    • Review the employee’s Learning Transcript
      • In the form view, click on the 'split-screen icon' in the top bar
      • Choose 'Development Plans' from the drop-down list.
      • Click on 'Transcripts' tab to view the learning activities and dates completed.
      • Pay special attention to required compliance courses.
      • To close the split section, click on the 'X' button at the top of the lower section.
    • Review the employee’s self-feedback.
      • Refer to the Feedback Options for descriptions of each category
      • Refer to the Performance Feedback Matrix for Core Commitments for descriptions of each Commitment with behavioral examples categorized by the feedback options
      • Choose the appropriate option for each Core Commitment and include comments as need
        • Note: Area of Mastery and Area of Concern require comments.
  • Part 2: The Future Year- Goals
    • The employee’s suggested goals will auto-populate into the final section of the form. You, the manager, may edit, add, or delete as needed.
    • Using the SMART goal format is recommended.
    • Click on 'Add New Goal' to create entry boxes for the next goal. The form allows up to five goals.
    • Due date is optional.
  • Part 3: Manager Comments 
    • Enter any overall comments regarding the employee’s performance.
    • Disregard the Second-level manager comments, this area is viewable to you, but will be completed by the Second-level manager.
  • Once you have completed the form, click 'Complete.'
    • Note: Clicking 'Complete' locks your response areas and sends the form to the secondlevel manager. Once you click 'Complete', you no longer have access to edit the document unless the second-level manager returns it with annotations.
  • The form is sent to your manager through BaylorCompass for their comments in the Second-Level Manager box. They also may add annotations and return the form to you for editing. Once the Second-Level Manager approves appraisal, then you will receive a task to schedule a meeting with your employee.
Help with Comments
  • Click on the word bubble icon for help with comments.
  • Choose the Category based on the specific behavior
  • Choose the Employee’s Gender
  • Choose the Comment level and adjust the Nuance scale
  • If the suggested comment reflects your intention, click on 'Add to Your Comments.'
  • It will be copied into the 'Your Comments' box and you may edit from there.
  • Click 'OK' when you have completed comments for this Commitment. The 'Your Comments' text will be inserted into the performance appraisal comment box.

Step 3: Second-level Manager Completes Form 

  • Under My Tasks, click on 'Second level manager reviews performance feedback Second-Level Manager Comments' –Under the Part Three: Manager Comments, Second-Level Managers, select one of the acknowledgement buttons and include any overall comments about performance they would like to share with the employee.
  • 'Send Back to Manager' -Second-level managers cannot directly edit the content of the appraisal. They can make annotations and 'Send Back to Manager.'
    • Annotations are available only for the direct manager to view. They are NOT recorded in the final document and are NOT viewable by the employee. Think of them as post-it notes for the reviewer and manager.
    • If the second-level manager chooses to 'Send Back to Manager', then the form is sent to the direct manager and unlocked for edits, who may amend comments before clicking 'Complete' again.
  • Approve the appraisal: If the direct manager’s comments and rating are acceptable, then click 'Approve.' 
    • Note: This locks the form and sends it to the next step in the process. If the overall feedback falls below specified levels, then the next step it is sent to the HR Consultant for review. Otherwise, the form is sent to the Manager.

Step 4: Employee and Manager Discuss Feedback and Manager Signs Off

  • Under My Tasks, click on 'Manager meets with employee to discuss performance feedback'
  • Click on 'View Appraisal'
  • Click on 'Show as PDF' and save the document
  • Send an Outlook Meeting Request to employee for the feedback discussion and attach the document to request the meeting
  • Close the window – Do not complete the rest of the process at this time! Engage in a feedback discussion first. 
  • Following the discussion, log in to BaylorCompass and click on 'Sign-Off.'
  • This sends the form to the Employee for sign-off.

Step 5: Employee Signs Off

  • Following the conversation and Manager sign-off, the employee will receive the form and have a task to 'Sign-Off on your Performance Form.' Click on the task.
  • Click 'Sign off.'

This concludes the formal process. If you have questions or concerns with this appraisal, please contact your HR Consultant

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