Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)

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Understanding the HRA

Baylor provides Grandfathered Retirees a subsidy to offset the standard premium cost for Medicare Part B. After you have paid for eligible health care expenses, you may receive reimbursement for them to the extent that funds are available in your account.

Grandfathered Retiree I retirees receive additional funding in their HRA to allow for reimbursement of the standard Medicare Part B premium. Contact Via Benefits to discuss Baylor's reimbursement amount as well as your health coverage needs.

After enrolling in a plan you will follow these below steps to be reimbursed for your qualifying medical expenses.

Steps to Follow for Reimbursement under HRA

  1. Select your plan(s) using Via Benefits. Your benefit advisor can discuss your specific qualification requirements during your enrollment call.

    Once you have qualified, Via Benefits will open your account and become the administrative service provider for your funding program.
  2. Pay for your eligible health care expenses, making payment directly to the provider. Information on which expenses are eligible will be mailed to you.
  3. Submit a reimbursement claim along with expense documentation for these eligible expenses to Via Benefits. Information on how to submit claims will be mailed to you.

    Ask your Via Benefits advisor how to activate automatic reimbursement for your eligible premiums.
  4. Via Benefits reimburses you from your funding program. They will reimburse you for these eligible expenses from the funds provided by Baylor University, to the extent they are available.

    To receive your reimbursements quickly, activate direct deposit. Information on how to activate direct deposit will be included with the mailing you will receive within the two weeks prior to your coverage start date.