Staff - The Weeks Ahead

We hope you enjoyed The Bear Essentials and are getting settled in your new role at Baylor!

Now that you are all set to function as a Baylor employee, you get to learn about the foundation of what makes Baylor such a great place to work. You will meet several colleagues from across campus in Essentials for Success, as well as get a chance to win the Baylor Bowl! You'll also learn about important laws and policies that ensure our campus is safe for everyone, as well as opportunities to develop professionally and personally.

In This Guide

Steps for Success in Month One

  1. Attend Essentials for Success with Human Resources –bring your completed Baylor Bowl worksheet.
  2. Review and enroll in your selected benefits before the end of your first 30 days via SmartBen™
  3. Review Baylor University Personnel Policies (BUPP).
  4. Understand Baylor’s compensation philosophy.
  5. Look ahead and make the most of your first 100 days.

What to Expect at Essentials for Success

Essentials For Success
  • Hosted on select Tuesdays from 8:30am - 12:00pm with additional optional afternoon sessions
  • In-depth presentation of the Core Commitments & Baylor’s culture
  • Build relationships with new employees and long-time staff
Essentials For Success Agenda

Meet in Clifton Robinson Tower, Suite 200 in Human Resources

8:15am - Doors open -snacks & coffee available
8:30am - Welcome
8:45am - Commit to Baylor’s Christian Mission & Vision
9:00am - History of Baylor
9:15am - Serve Others Respectfully
9:30am - Break
9:45am - Account for Stewardship of Time, Resources, & Self
10:15am - Campus Tour Highlight
10:45am - Build Relationships & Work Collaboratively
11:00am - Break
11:05am - Pursue Excellence Through Continuous Improvement
11:20am - Seek Learning & Apply Knowledge
11:30am - Baylor Bowl
12:00pm - Conclusion and Break for Lunch

Optional Afternoon Sessions:
1:30pm - Shuttle Tour of Campus (Wiethorn Visitors Center)
3:00pm - Dr. Pepper Hour
(Locations: Barfield Drawing Room in the Student Union Building and 6th floor of Clifton Robinson Tower)

Compliance Training

Preventing Harassment, Discrimination, & Sexual Violence

As a part of Baylor's commitment to developing a caring campus community, all faculty and staff are required annually to complete the Intersections: Preventing Harassment, Discrimination, & Sexual Violence online course on BaylorCompass. You can read more about Baylor's Title IX policy and the role of faculty and staff members here.

Occupational Safety and Health

You will receive an email from the OSHA Manager with information for required training and about the RiskAnalytics/RiskTool system. The vendor for the computer-based training is RiskAnalytics/RiskTool. Once enrolled in the training system you will receive a welcome email from RiskTool to establish a password. After the welcome email, you will receive additional emails for each training module that you are assigned to complete (These emails are not spam).

The training modules selected for each employee are part of the Occupational Safety and Health’s (OSHA) safety compliance initiative for the University. New hires are enrolled in the programs soon after the start of their employment with the university,. These modules must be completed within two weeks of the assignment date.

More information is available on the Environmental Health & safety website.

Succeeding in the Weeks Ahead

We hope you find success in all stages of your career at Baylor. Whether you are returning to work on campus after time away, or this is your first time putting on the green and gold, we hope that Baylor feels like home. There are many resources available to help you develop professionally and personally. 

Tools for Professional and Personal Development
Time Card Instructions for Non-Exempt/Bi-weekly Staff
Be Part of the Baylor Family

    Attend Baylor athletic events, visit the Mayborn Museum, exercise at the Student Life Center (SLC), enjoy a performance by Baylor Theatre students, engage with Baylor Traditions, walk the bear trail around campus, spend some time on the Brazos river and rent equpiment at the Baylor marina, visit the bear habitat on campus, get some Baylor spirit gear at the bookstore, and participate in the Waco community.

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