Naturally Slim Spring 2013

Naturally Slim Program

Nearly 160 new faculty/staff participants pursued the Naturally Slim Foundations program and once again achieved amazing results. Not everyone finished the program, but that is normal. There were good intentions and things just happen! The majority were able to finish 8 of 10 videos and complete both screenings. Some of these participants began the program with three out of five of the risk factors (elevated waist circumference, elevated triglycerides, reduced HDL - the good cholesterol, elevated fasting glucose and elevated blood pressure). Guess what? A WHOPPING 63% IMPROVED THEIR NUMBERS! This is also called MetS (Metabolic Syndrome) Reversal and is a very significant accomplishment for each of these individuals who committed to improving their health. CONGRATULATIONS and three cheers to our successful spring 2013 participants! Other highlights:

  • 1295 pounds dropped
  • Average of 13.2 pounds lost per participant
  • 13% of population moved out of high risk category
  • 19% moved into least risk category

Since the beginning of the Naturally Slim launch in spring of 2012, over 800 faculty and staff have participated in the Naturally Slim program. We were excited to see over 200 enroll in the first alumni program this spring. The GREAT NEWS is that every participant, regardless of if the program was completed, is considered an "ALUMNI" and is eligible to participate in the Advanced Naturally Slim offering every time it is offered. This is good because the Advanced program is mostly review and reinforcement with a little added depth on a few topics. So, if you missed a couple of the Foundations videos, you can still benefit from the Advanced program. All 800 plus participants can keep the momentum going and or get reinvigorated next fall!

Basics about Naturally Slim

Through Baylor's program with Naturally Slim, you have the opportunity to lose weight, feel better, and decrease your risk factors for metabolic syndrome. We've all heard that healthy eating, healthy weight management, and physical activity can help prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes, many cancers, and other health problems. But the precursors to these problems - collectively known as "metabolic syndrome" - are a silent epidemic that affects an estimated one in four adult Americans.

Naturally Slim focuses on the issue of metabolic syndrome and offers methods to help you create changes in your behavior. More specifically, it:

  • Fights metabolic syndrome by focusing on weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Enables you to develop a lifestyle of eating your favorite foods while still improving health and losing weight
  • Teaches you to identify personal eating habits, recognize the difference between true hunger and psychological hunger, understand how hydration habits influence hunger, and practice ways to minimize fat storage
  • Addresses how exercise, stress, and your environment affect weight loss
  • Includes 10 self-paced, online video sessions, as well as frequent correspondence and positive guidance from a personal health counselor over a 10-week period
  • Includes a pre- and post-course biometric screening

For more information on Naturally Slim, please visit To read about the success of the Spring 2012 program, click here.