SmartBen™ is Baylor’s online benefits enrollment system!

Faculty and staff can access SmartBen™ with their Bear ID and password on any device with an internet connection through 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SmartBen™ allows you to...
  • View your benefit information at your convenience
  • Get a more holistic picture of your total income through easy-to-understand graphics
  • Choose benefit elections using the integrated calculators in the system
Two reasons to visit SmartBen outside of Open Enrollment:
  • You are a New Hire
  • You experience a Life Event

Enrollment Tips:
  • If you have any RED Lights in SmartBen, you will need to turn those lights GREEN, by either electing or waiving coverage for that benefit option.

  • You will not be finished electing your benefits until you reach the "CONGRATULATIONS" page.

Have a question? Visit our SmartBen™ FAQs!

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