AFLAC Short-Term Disability

What is short-term disability insurance?

The AFLAC Short-Term Disability Plan is an optional insurance plan which is fully paid for by the employee. Participants in this plan who become ill or injured and are not able to work may be eligible to receive continued income. Full-time faculty and staff may enroll in Short-Term Disability Insurance without Evidence of Insurability (EOI) (up to a $3,000 monthly benefit), a questionnaire about your medical history. Some enrollment restrictions apply for pre-existing medical conditions. The plan is offered as an after-tax payroll deduction only. All enrollments, short-term disability policy questions and fund distributions occur directly through AFLAC. To apply for coverage, employees must contact Baylor's AFLAC agent, Jamey Jaynes, directly at (254) 662-2740.

The plan provides an age-banded benefit with elimination periods of either 0 days for accidents or 7 days for illnesses. (The elimination period is the period of time between the onset of a disability, and the time you are eligible for benefits). Monthly benefit amounts can range from $500-$6,000.00 (subject to annual income requirements). Premiums are calculated using the participant's age, annual salary, and selected benefit amount. Benefits are paid on sickness or injuries that happen off the job. The plan will not pay benefits on top of Workers' Compensation claims.

  • Aflac does not coordinate disability benefit payments against any other sources of income (i.e., Social Security benefits).
  • Aflac uses their own occupation definition of disability, which pays benefits when the policyholder is unable to perform the duties of his or her full-time job.
  • Aflac does not stipulate that the policyholder must be completely unable to work after the disabling event to begin receiving benefits.
  • Aflac pays full disability benefits even when the policyholder is working any job and receiving income of up to 80 percent of the pre-disability income, allowing for a gradual return to work during the benefit period while recuperating.
  • Aflac's plan is individually-owned and portable, meaning the policyholder is able to keep the policy in force if he or she changes jobs for any reason. Other companies may use the term portable when they mean convertible. Our policyholders are able to keep the same plan at the same rate.