Welcome to BaylorCompass, the online career management tool that is available for use anytime, anywhere! BaylorCompass provides faculty and staff of the University more tools and information at their fingertips, so they can spend less time chasing paper and more time enjoying Baylor.

The system is comprised of several modules, each addressing a specific area of career management. BaylorCompass Learning, the first module to be released, houses faculty and staff learning opportunities previously found in the Training & Development System. Log in to BaylorCompass now to discover learning opportunities that will enhance your Baylor career.

A variety of career development resources, including staff performance appraisal tools, are available through BaylorCompass. User-training opportunities will be available as new resources are launched.

How to access BaylorCompass:
  • Visit and log in using your BearID and password.

  • Bookmark BaylorCompass after logging in, and rename your bookmark/favorite so you'll remember it and can return to this convenient tool on a regular basis!

Visit BaylorCompass Navigation to find out more about what you'll see when you log in to this system.

Visit BaylorCompass Learning to find out more about Learning & Development and Course Registration in BaylorCompass.

Look here for more information and user-training opportunities coming soon.

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